1980s Interior Decoration Ideas

The 1980s interior decoration can be the best choice for the people who love to remodel the new house. The style emphasizes the characteristics of 1980s interior. Even though some people tend to pick the modern interior design, this style is popular among some people who want unique feeling. If you do not want to use the pure 1980s interior decorating style, it is okay. You can combine it with the contemporary or modern look to deliver the fun and playful feeling in the rooms. The style will never look outdated. The first character that you should bring in the room is the minimalist style. The dining room, living room and bedroom should evoke minimalism.

1980s Interior Decoration for bedroom

1980s Interior Decoration Ideas

1980s Interior Decoration In Black and White

What you have to do is so simple. You just have to treat the wall by painting it with plain white hues. What about the flooring? It should be simple too. You just have to install oak wood flooring. For example, you can install good wood flooring made in light brown accent. If you want to accessorize it, use an area rug without any pattern. The wall in the room should be left in bare space. There is no need for you to hang any decoration such as picture, or even tribal art works. If you want to banish the boring feeling, just add one large piece of modern picture. What about the furniture? You just have to set a coffee table, two arm chairs and a sofa. Make sure that all of them available in simple and neutral color.

1980s Interior Decoration in Lime Green

1980s Interior Decoration in Mismatching Accent

1980s Interior Decoration Set

The 1980s interior decoration gives the people great space to use the bold and dramatic color. It can be in the form of neon color. Such bright color should be used as the primary color. If you want to room in the living area look match and funky, you can paint the wall with neon pink, lime green or bright yellow and orange incorporating neutral colors like beige, tan, white or cream. What about the color of the furniture? Since you have made the wall look enticing and vibrant, you should select for neutral shades for the furniture. If you want to room more exceptional, adding patterned wallpaper is a great key to bring fun and happy style.

1980s Interior Decoration with a retro bedroom

1980s Interior Decoration

1980s Interior Ideas

1980s Interior Design

The last element to employ in the interior decoration of 1980s is leather furniture. You can have the furniture like sofa and arm chair covered in leather. It will be a great idea if you can pick the leather accent in neutral color. You can combine it in any types of room. Choose the dark shades such as gray, black, chocolate brown, burgundy or even hunted green. Just make sure that the leather accent is resistant to dirt and stain. The people who live with many children and pets will face some difficulties to maintain its cleanliness. Thus, you should be aware when the leather furniture in your 1980s interior decoration furniture gets dirty.

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