Arranging A Layout of Bathroom

Some of you often think about how difficult to arrange a layout of bathroom is, right? But the others don’t think about that. A living room and a bedroom completed by a single-stood furniture make arranging layout of bathroom seem easy. But for the others, this kind of thing is very difficult or even impossible to be done to a bathroom. You should make a lot of effort since the beginning. All you can do in arranging a layout of bathroom is to add some new accessories if you want to renovate the display.


Bathroom Sketch

To make a bathroom comfortable, then you should do basic things which are often done by some experts. The first method in arranging a layout of bathroom is to draw its room sketch. You can draw it on a grafic paper and determine about its scale. For example, a 2.5cm grafic-scale to represent 1m space-size. Therefore, it makes your arranging easier than before, right?

After drawing the bathroom sketch, you should mark the main-still features, such as door, window, or bathtub on that skecth. After that, in arranging a layout of bathroom, you should place the bathroom’s furniture and try to place them on a different position in order to get a different effect as well. The sanitary system and bathroom’s furniture can be arranged as you want in order to get a best maximum lay-out.

Dry Bathroom

Then, you should divide them into groups based on the baathroom’s area. The furniture, such as bathtub or show can be united in one area while closet in the other spesific area. A washbasin and storage can also be placed in one area which you like. Therefore, it will make everything in the bathroom look “glamourous”.

To place a bathtub, you shouldn’t always think that it’s best placed in a longest horizontal area. The shortest area may probably the best to place it. The best place to locate a bathtub is near the wall which has a window, or under the leaning ceiling. If there is a niche on your bathroom, it should have been placed by the closet or washbasin. A space above them can be installed by the other bathroom’s equipments.

Blue-colored Bathroom

Even though a bathroom is realively always wet, you should place at least one or two furniture on itu. Do add so much furniture to the bathroom. The last thing to do in arranging a layout of bathroom is to make a cabinet to keep your private things. A washbasin, especially, needs a cabinet to keep cosmetics. Well then, do you have the other tips in arranging a layout of bathroom?


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