A Simple Design of Living Room

A simple design of living room sometimes becomes a concept to replace a “usual” living room into a major room in the house. All families can interact there, in a modern simple room. Can you imagine the house with a simple design of living room? Simple. One word which means everything to be applied at in the house.

This concept of simple design of living room gives ease for people to do activities in the house. It’s very easy to arrange it and of course, it looks modern. For some cases, the applying of black sofa would make the room more modern, classy, and luxurious.

Simple Apartment

The other elements applied in the living room is to put a glass-shelves at one side of the living room, equal to the location of the television table. The transparent shelves led a simple design of living room to be looked wider and longer. The applying of the shelves itself is set in 3 levels, used for putting a lamp, book, and accessory elements in the simple design of living room.


Beside the glass-shelves, the other transparent element could be the window in the side of the living room itself. This window has function for us to view all the events outside the house. It’s so natural. The view shows the colorful dynamic atmosphere to the guests visiting our house. In the simple design of living room, this view can be balanced with the simplest one.

Circle Dining Table

The other accents which can make the room balanced is the using of wooden circle dining table. This dining table can be used for 4 people eating on. The circle shape of the table can give an impression of soft to the square living room. Well, if you live in an apartment and you live alone, this kind of concept of simple design of living room would be perfectly suitable!


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