A Very Small U-Shaped Kitchen Design with Comfortable Style

A very small u-shaped kitchen design can make you frustrated. When you have to cook in a small kitchen, you will feel uncomfortable. The tight space in the room should be redecorated to carry the bigger illusion at home. A u shaped kitchen is another popular layout that people can use when they define the small space in the cooking room. The u shaped kitchen can be applied in many types of home improvement design. You can set it in a rustic, traditional, or even modern kitchen design. You need to ensure that very small u-shaped kitchen design is integrated with the perfect countertop, peninsula, island, and workspace. Thus, you can prepare and cook the food in comfort. Here are some tips to redecorate a very small u-shaped kitchen design:

A Very Small U-Shaped Kitchen Design in Brown Tone


To bring an authentic feeling when gracing a very small u-shaped kitchen design, you need to note on the kitchen island design at home. The u shaped kitchen will look more incredible by having an island. It is not only great to use as gathering and dining space. You can also fill it with a sink or cooktop. Thus, the island is more functional to have in a small u shaped kitchen. Choose the island based on the dimension in the kitchen. Avoid the big and bulky one. You can choose the sleek one with more drawers and storage space. You can use the underneath area to save the items, linens and dishes.

A Very Small U-Shaped Kitchen Design in White

Floating peninsulas

If you want to increase the place in the counter space and eating area, you can install a floating peninsula. This item works well in a small kitchen.  It can be a good alternative for the people who do not have any space to place an island. Many small kitchens are filled with a floating peninsula to save the floor space in a very small u-shaped kitchen design. The people who access your kitchen will have more space to walk in the kitchen because there is no blocked area in the room. The countertop will look wonderful if it comes with similar materials with the peninsula. For example, you can have sandstone or butcher-block to create wonderful effect in a small kitchen.

A Very Small U-Shaped Kitchen Design

Counters and Cabinets

The last thing to concern in a u shaped kitchen is the selection of cabinet and counter. Both are the important items in u shaped kitchen. You need to pick the style which can express the interior design in the kitchen. If you love with modern design in elegant look, you can have the counter covered with black colored granite. The cabinet can be made in sleek design. Paint it with a cream color. It can be in white, ecru, tan or cream color. To create bright feeling, you can paint it in sunny yellow or lime green. The floor tiles, backsplash, wall color should coordinate well with the counter and kitchen cabinet in a very small u-shaped kitchen design.

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