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Decorating a Living Room with a Preserved Animal

Decorating a living room with a preserved animal may be a good choice. A room decor reflects that you are someone who likes to hunt. Well, did you know that the living room using a preserved animal decor is country living room with the shades? You have many choices. You can use different kinds of animals. However, you should also selective for choosing preserved animals will be on display. Some animals are usually preserved and serves as a home decor  Read More ... »

Curtains as a Minimalist Window Decoration at House

Curtains as a minimalist window decoration can be used as the center of attention in your house, especially in the living room or bedroom. Curtain time is often seen with an eye for most people. Many people think of curtains as a protection only against the views of the outside activities of people who are at house. But who would have thought, blinds can now be used as one of the good decoration at house or in your room. Curtain is usually installed  Read More ... »

Retro Shower Curtain in a Bathroom

Retro shower curtain may be an option for those of you who are looking for the right shower curtain for the bathroom in the house. Shower curtain in the bathroom can be a decorating for the bathroom in your house. Shower curtain in the bathroom has become a necessity for many people to their bathroom. Shower curtains can be useful as a barrier to the bathroom wet area in your house. That is some function of the shower curtain in the bathroom. However,  Read More ... »

Tips Installing Classic Curtains concept

Tips Installing Classic Curtains concept
Installing classic curtains concept has indeed brought the classic concept of comfort for those of you who saw it. Curtains classical concept is a bit complicated when compared with the curtains that even modern minimalist concept.   classic curtain design 1 Classic concept of curtains does have a lot of intricate detail which is often regarded by many people, especially people who like practicality. Curtains do have a minimalist look and a simpler  Read More ... »

Curtains and Photo as Decoration for a Minimalist Living Room

Curtains and Photo as Decoration for a Minimalist Living Room
Decoration for a minimalist living room can be one of your choices to make the your living room  more beautiful. Decoration has become one of the things that are required for a room. Decoration in a room will make the room even more perfect. In addition, the decor will also affirm the concept of the room. However, in decorating a room, you should know the concept of space used. If the room is using the classic concept, the decor is classic concept  Read More ... »

Items That Can Be Used To Decorate Your Home

Items That Can Be Used To Decorate Your Home
There are several items that can be used to decorate your home. Having a beautiful home becomes everyone’s wishes. The monotony of home design or furniture that does not change often creates the look of a house or room to be boring. However, you do not have to worry with all that. You can utilize some of the items you are about to beautify your home. In addition its stuff easy to get, you can create with your own ideas. Well, the advantage that  Read More ... »

How to Make Bedroom Decor?

How to make bedroom decor? Many people confused to prove it. Do you believe it that can describe the personality? Creating a bedroom that can describe someone’s personality is not easy. Factors to be considered are in terms of design, and decoration of the bedroom itself. Even the personality of each person is different, and then the design and decoration of her bedroom was definitely not the same there will be between one another. However,  Read More ... »

More Appealing by Choosing Lamps That Match with the Concept of Your House

Your house can become more interesting by choosing lamps that match with the concept of your house. This will impact on the occupants. As its main function, a house is used as a residence where we can relax and unwind. The presence of sunlight can make the home state becomes calm. In his condition, the light from lamps is not needed. However, the function of the lamps will be very important at night. Houses with no lights will be dark and make difficulties  Read More ... »

Protect Your Home by Installing Window Bars

The windows are not fitted with window bars are often used by thieves as a way into the house. The rise of home with a minimalist design also affects the shape of windows and doors. Homes with a minimalist design tend to use windows with elongated shape and small. However, this small window with the form still can be entered by people. While the elongated shape of the windows in a minimalist home makes it easy for thieves entered the house. Window  Read More ... »