Antique Clock Used For Decorating Living Room

Do you believe that the antique clock that is used as a decoration living room? Yes, decorating the living room does not have to use an expensive item or color. If many people use curtains, walls and various other ornaments for decorating the living room, then you can make a new breakthrough. You can put up at one of the Antic as decoration in the living room. If during these hours Antic is only used as a clock, then with a little innovation and creativity, you can make at Antic as a focal point in your living room. As you know, there are many manufacturers that make the design of clock hours of Antic. You can make the clock as one of the decorations in the living room. Antic clock does have value to people who see it. Antic clock itself has the shape, size and design vary. Color is used at Antic usually are ivory white, beige, dark brown and some natural color.


antique clock, put in the corner of the room

put in the corner of the room

There are several designs of living room with decorative Antic clock that you can apply in your living room. The first design was put Antic clock in the corner. Antic clock is stored in a corner can be the right choice. Well, you can save hours Antic with a sleek shape and unique design on the corner of the living room at home. Antic clock unique design will further enhance the Antic in your living room. Do not forget to combine this Antic clock with a unique design sofa in your living room. You can store couches unique design to maximize the impression Antic in the living room. Sofa which can be stored in white or cream-colored, it all depends on your taste. You can also combine the mirror in the living room wall. Well, it’s just that, you need a little careful to design a living room with this Antic clock. You should choose furniture with shapes and designs that support the theme of your living room.


antique clock with fireplace

A second design of living room is a store Antic clock in the living room with additional decoration wallpaper. You can use wallpaper with various combinations of colors and patterns. Motif that you can use in the living room is Ducts or flower motif. A merger between the motifs and colors on the right wallpaper will make your living space is becoming increasingly attractive. You can put brown Antic color in the living room. Pair with storing fireplace in the living room.


The third design uses wall clock design is Antic on the living room wall. You can hang the clock on the living room at home. Do not forget to use the impressive the clock Antic wall display space for your guests. Well, now you have the perfect living room decor clock with Antic.

put antique clock on the wall

If you are still confused about how to design the antique clock that is used as a decoration living room, open a few interior design magazines and picture on the internet.

Well, that’s some ideas to design the antique clock that is used as living room decor.


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