Antique Living Room, Fixed Interest Due decor

Antique living room is a design that is rarely found in many homes. Nowadays, many people prefer to use the living room and a modern minimalist concept. It is indeed reasonable, because the world demands a higher and higher. Environment, both in the work of organized also at home, it requires us to act and use something that is practical and not complicated. However, behind all these claims of all, there are some people who prefer to remain his favorite respectively. There are people who still use the classic concept of the living room even though it is a lot of people who prefer to use the concept of minimalism. In the same vein, there are also people who choose to continue using the concept of antique. Maintain their own favorite concept has become one of the prides of some people.


Antique living room design

Well, if you are interested to make a living antique, then you can try some tips below. You can find a variety of ideas and images about living antique in a variety of sources on the internet. In addition, you can also find a variety of images or ideas on living in the interior design magazines antique. Actually there is some focus on the antique living room  you can make at home. All images on the articles below have several characteristics in common that leads to the living room of antique.

Antique living room, Antique living room color

Antique living room color


In order to create the antique living room is the attention to design own living room. You can design a living room antique with various decorations on the walls. The use of profiles on the walls and various indentations will highlight the concept promoted by antique is the living room. Apart from using profiles on the wall, you must also consider the color of the walls to be used. Antique parlor typically uses muted colors and soft, such as beige, ivory yellow or white gold. In addition to considering the issue of colors used on the walls, you must also consider furniture to be stored. Antique furniture design has grooves and complex detail. This is one characteristic of antique furniture. You can use the sofa with a luxurious design and same color as the walls. The selection can be performed on a sofa in furniture store around the home. However, you also can order the sofa with antique design specifically to the manufacturer.


Antique living room, Antique living room wall detail

Antique living room wall detail

In addition to the color selection room and the selection of furniture, you also must consider decorations that will be used. Decoration was used greatly affect the impression of the room. Antique parlor normally use such decorations hanging lamp, a variety of ornaments that are shiny dark brown, fireplace design with antique and curtains on the windows. You can use curtains that have complex details. In addition, you can find a variety of decorations antique magazine or decorating store. If you are still confused, ask the experts to get the maximum results and satisfaction.

Well, that’s a few tips to make antique living room.



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