4 Tips in Arranging Home-theater Furniture

When you have extra space and extra home-theater furniture, I think arranging home-theater furniture would be better for you to do, especially when you have free time. However, some people are sometimes confused to place those items in the right place. Actually, you should not be worried at all. Arranging home-theater furniture is as simple as you sleep. Just take a look at these tips I can give you. Check them all..

The first tips in arranging home-theater furniture is to place all of your home-theater furniture in one area which directly in front of and centered with the speakers. Then, as you know, home-theaters operate on directional and positional sound. It means that where you sit in relation to the sound-system will determine how you hear it.

Home-theater Design and Lay-out

Besides that, the thing you must remember in arranging home-theater furniture is that home theaters are setup in the center of the room. And, if a couch or chairs are on a wall, you will not properly hear the surround sound. To fix this, you need to create a defined listening area.

The second tips in arranging home-theater furniture is to arrange the distance between the television and the furniture itself. The only way to make it on the perfect place is to have the television moved seat to seat to test the viewing angles for the viewers.

Home-theater in Penthouse

After that, when you’re watching a movie or a television show, you would be able be watch it joyfully. The home theater furniture needs to be arranged not just so everyone can see the picture but without having to turn their heads. And you have to arrange it in a way so that you and the guests will also be center with the surround sound speakers.

The third tips in arranging home-theater furniture is to arrange them in straight-lines in a row or arrange them as rows but in a semi-circle. Since the sound system is directional you want a solution where each seat will hear the same thing. The best tips in arranging home-theater furniture is to place them in a semi-circle shape.

Semi-circle Home Theater

The last tips in arranging home-theater furniture is to create multiple rows of seats of the viewers. However, it will prevent others from properly seeing the screen. The simple solution is to not have rows at all but this is determined by your speakers, screen size and the size of the room. Take a cue from every movie theater you visit as not a single one has a level seating plan.

Besides that, it will work if you can create an incline by building and screw the seats in place. If there is stairs at your home, it would be better if the seats of the viewers is replaced by the stairs. And remember, in arranging home-theater furniture at home, you can also create stadium seating by the stairs, screw the seating in place and anchor the stairs to the floor.


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