Aspects to Look For When Making a Mediterranean House

Aspects to look for when making a Mediterranean house are many kinds. One of the advantages of a Mediterranean-style house is to be built in any country. Mediterranean-style house is just usual in non-tropic countries such as Italy, Greece and some European countries. However, did you? It turned out that the Mediterranean-style houses can be built in tropical countries. Mediterranean-style houses appeared in 1990. However, until now there are many people who designed the Mediterranean-style house. As we know, Mediterranean-style house is an impressive house warm and romantic. These why there are many people tend to use Mediterranean-style house rather than use other style.


Mediterranean House, mediterranean interior with pillars

mediterranean interior with pillars

Mediterranean houses usually use materials that are already available in nature, such as wood, rock and many others. It makes in building Mediterranean house is not destroy nature. Mediterranean-style house is a result of human adaptation. It can be seen from the use of red brick or clay in the Mediterranean-style house. Finishing process of the use of red brick or brick walls burns on the Mediterranean-style house will be made in order to have a rough texture. The use of house-making materials from nature in making Mediterranean-style house is seemingly dynamic and robust. Some people think that Mediterranean-style house tends to be similar to the minimalist style house. This similarity can be seen from the form of houses that are both simple and tend to use geometric shapes.
In addition, Mediterranean-style house using natural colors are like beige or pastel color. This is what makes the house cozy and warm Mediterranean style. However, Mediterranean-style house still has a different design with minimalist style house.


Mediterranean houses typically use a lot of decoration. Decorations in the Mediterranean-style house is the use of the window frame or door frame that seemed luxurious or decorations on the walls. If viewed in detail, the window on the Mediterranean-style house is usually has a small size and rectangular while the form of doors in the Mediterranean-style house seem stately and sturdy. Yet, somehow, Mediterranean-style house not only judged by the elegance door and window is installed. Mediterranean style house will have the perfect combination of colors used when matching.


spanish mediterranean house

Mediterranean-style house in every state has different forms. For example, the shape of a house in the Spanish Mediterranean is the arch above the doors, rough plastered walls, and carved rocks, while the shape of the Greek Mediterranean-style house is thick with the use of pillars or columns in grand and luxurious houses. If seen from the use of paint, Mediterranean-style house usually use paint with a natural color, like beige or terracotta.


greek mediterranean house

The forms the roof of the Mediterranean-style house is usually a saddle or shield. In addition, Mediterranean-style house with a large size usually have a balcony. Balcony on the Mediterranean-style house is used to connect large rooms in the house.

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