Basement Bathroom Ideas

Basement bathroom ideas can be a strange room in the house. But it will be fun to have such a bathroom if you live in a very limited house. You can make the basement bathroom more entertaining and interesting to view if you know the way to adorn the room. There are many things that you need to consider when it comes about bathroom decoration. You need to note on the ventilation, color and lighting. Most occupants do not use basement as a functional room. They tend to use it to store the unused items in the house. If you have more family members, it will be great to have additional bathroom so that the people do not need to wait in a line when they have to use the bathroom.

Basement Bathroom Design

Basement Bathroom Design

Basement Bathroom in Grey

The first item that you should consider is the lighting system. Since the bathroom is located on the basement, there is no way for you to have window. The lighting should be gained from the lamps. You can gain the natural light since the basement is a closed area. By adding lighting fixture, the basement bathroom can look bright and enticing. You need to provide wonderful illumination so that the bathroom is accessible anytime. When it comes about the lighting selection, you have many varieties depending on the wattage, style, shape and design. If you love with romantic feel, you can choose the low wattage bold. Conversely, the high wattage built can give bright and full illumination. You can also install pedant lighting since they are great to bring modern feel.

Basement Bathroom in White

Basement Bathroom Look

If the basement is made in traditional look, you can choose a nice crystal chandelier. Since the natural light is so small, you need to make the basement bathroom appears bight and larger. You can choose the light color for adorning the ceiling, wall, and floor. If you love with funky look, you can have electric blue, lime green, mustard yellow or even cornflower blue accents. The neutral accent is great to have. You can apply brown, tan, taupe, white, and ivory white to adorn the basements. Ensure that you can combine color since color combo can banish the boring effect.

Basement Bathroom with Baskets

Basement Bathroom

You can have the combo of blue and white, red and white, lime green and yellow, and pink and lavender color. Such colors should be applied on the wall but also on the accessories like soap dish, artwork, candles, bathmat, and toothbrush holder. The last thing that you need to concern in the basement bathroom is the ventilation.  The steamy air in the basement should be limited so that you can remove the bad outdoor. You can have the ventilation installed on the duct or the ceiling or wall. If you are confused to bring great ventilation on the basement bathroom, it will be better if you ask the professional constructor about it.

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