Things That Must Be Considered In Planning Bathroom

Many things that must be considered in planning bathroom remaining bathroom has become a necessity that must exist. Some people draw a conclusion about the habits of a family from the state of their bathroom. Reflecting from these conclusions, the bathroom must be kept clean. However, the reason for keeping clean the bathroom is not only for the conclusion that’s all. Bathroom cleanliness is a crucial health of a family. The bathrooms are dirty and unkempt create a source of disease for families.

use a simple bathroom

The shape and location of the bathroom should be considered early on, considering the bathroom is a room that is always used by the entire family. Make sure the location of the bathroom located in strategic places and easy access by all people in the house. If the location is quite strategic, then starts planned to form a proper bathroom. Availability of land is very influential on the shape of the bathroom. If a large enough land available, then the wide range of accessories and ornaments can be paired in your bathroom. You can pair the bathtub, shower, or natural stone to add a natural feel to the bathroom in your home. However, do not force to install the bathtub if the available land is not wide enough. If the land is less widely available, then to work around this, attach a mirror on one wall of the bathroom. The mirror will reflect the image and make the bathroom looks ‘wider’. In addition, you can use second-hand goods are still good for decorating your bathroom. Create your own creations!

install bathtub if the bathroom quite large

In addition to determining the location of the bathroom, you must also consider the installation of electrical and plumbing lines to your bathroom. Pipe line for the bathroom should be made as simple as possible. Pipeline as much as possible is made with straight lines only. The existence of a turning lane can make feared someday. A clog channel caused a lot of things, such as the clotted hair loss and waste. Straight pipeline that allows the flow of water will flow out without any obstacles. Please create a single channel to a bathroom if there are several bathrooms in one house.


The accuracy of the planning forms, electrical installations and pipelines will affect the amount of costs to be incurred. In addition, the selection of materials to be used in the construction of the bathroom is also much influenced. If you have more expenses, then the other accessories such as shower or water heater can be added to the shopping list. However, do not be discouraged if you only have a mediocre cost. The solution is create your own to beautify your bathroom, for example using a paint with bright colors to give the impression of clean, or keep a small shelves that united to the wall to save on storage of goods.

bathroom with bright color

Careful planning to make the bathroom is very necessary to avoid a renovation in the near future. It is nothing wrong with spending a large enough to obtain satisfactory results. However, choose quality items for your bathroom.


To make your bathroom comfortable, you need to know things that must be considered in planning bathroom.


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