Beautiful 10×10 bedroom design ideas

10×10 bedroom design ideas can be infused with feng shui design. It enables you to enjoy the sense of tranquility and serenity. You can make the bedroom spacious and relaxing with feng shui design. Don’t worry; the feng shui design will never make your bedroom cramped. You can make it bigger since feng shui decor will never create any cluttered look on the bedroom. You just have to infuse the ancient Chinese art in the room in proportional ways. Feng shui allows you to keep the positive energy inside the house and negative energy outside the house. You can deliver balance life when sleeping and accessorizing the bedroom. Look at the ways on how to decorate the bedroom with fengshui in 10×10 bedroom design ideas:

10×10 bedroom design ideas in white

Bed Placement

The placement of the wooden bed frame is very vital to keep the room spacious.  The bed frame should not be placed with the similar wall of the door. It can block the room.   Avoid the placement of the bed under the mirror, window or near a bathroom. The people who have a bed frame placed against the wall in the bathroom will never sleep well because you will hear the moving and flushing voice. If your 10×10 bedroom design ideas are applied for a couple bedrooms, you need to set the bed frame in the middle of the room. There is no need to place it against the wall so that your spouse does not have to climb from the bed when he or she wants to go outside. If the bedroom is only for a single person, it is okay to set it against the wall to create ample traffic flow.

10×10 bedroom design ideas


One of the main accessories that you need to place in 10×10 bedroom design ideas is a mirror. There are many kinds of mirrors that you can use to decorate the wall. I suggest you to pick the simple and sleek one so that it will never contribute to any busy effect in the bedroom. By placing a mirror, you can make the room bigger.  If you find that the mirror reflects part for your body, you can cover it when the night comes.  Locate the mirror in a position that makes you see the reflection of the entryway in the bedroom.

10×10 bedroom design


10×10 bedroom design ideas should be fitted with the right color which reflects feng shui decoration. You can choose the soft shade to define the bedding, wall, accessories and furniture pieces.  You can make the small bedroom bigger if you paint the wall with earthy tones. You can paint it in cream, beige, brown or ecru. The bedding design looks clean and soft in white color. 10×10 bedroom design ideas are great to define with a hint of red.

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