Beautiful Small Kitchen Accent Lamps

Small kitchen accent lighting can make your kitchen adorable and fun. If you go for electrical lighting, you can place lights on both the walls and the ceiling. For example, one of the best electric accent lights that you can install in your kitchen is a recessed light. Recessed lights add a nice, warm color to the kitchen. By adding reflective surfaces in addition to your lighting, you can deliver a big kitchen feel in a small kitchen space. If you already have an open and bright kitchen, you can put in an accent light above the kitchen island. Below are some tips for not only choosing your kitchen lighting but also tips for designing your kitchen to complement your lighting. Here are several things to consider when you are picking small kitchen accent lamps:

Small Kitchen Accent Lamp

Small Kitchen Accent Lamp

Decorative tiles on the wall

To make your small kitchen accent lights really sparkle, you can install decorative tiles on the wall. For example, the backsplash in the kitchen could be composed of shiny, metallic tiles. This will give your kitchen a sleek, modern feel. More importantly, the reflective, metallic tiles will make your kitchen look bigger than it actually is.

Small Kitchen Accent Lamps

Small Kitchen Accent Lamps

Use neutral color

If your kitchen is small, be sure to avoid using dark colors on the walls. Neutral shades will help to create an open feeling in your kitchen. So, decorate your walls with beige, cream, or tan. Not only will a new color make the room look bigger, it is also a simple way to make your kitchen look brand new. Remove all items and fixtures before you paint the wall. The ceiling can be painted with a similar color to the wall. However, you can also use a lighter tone to make your ceiling seem taller.

Install recessed lighting

Recessed lights are just one of the small kitchen lighting options that you can use to decorate the ceiling and light up your counter space. You just have to place them in the ceiling over your island or in bottom of your cabinets above your counters. The warm lighting is a great way to see in your kitchen and provides nice atmosphere for entertaining guests.

Small Kitchen Lamps

Small Kitchen Lamps

Add wall sconces to the room

The last thing that people can do for small kitchen lighting is to install modern wall sconces. You can use these to light up any photographs or other wall art you may have. They also look nice next to the seek. Just like recessed lights, wall sconces can give a warm and cozy glow to any room, but look especially inviting in the kitchen.

Take advantage of natural light

If you don’t want to install electric lighting in your kitchen, take advantage of natural lighting. If your kitchen has big windows, don’t cover them in drapes. Rather, let the light pour into your kitchen to give it a bright and open feel. If, on the other hand, you don’t have windows in your kitchen, consider installing a solar tube or skylight. The experts at Sound Renovation define a skylight as “a feature on roofs that allows natural light into the home to illuminate the interior space during the day.” This is the perfect way to let in natural light and heat, providing your kitchen with a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

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