Bedroom Decoration by Putting Plants

Bedroom decoration by putting plants can make your bedroom a more refreshed. Plants are able to release oxygen during the day. This is of course very useful for people considering humans inhale oxygen when breathing. Save the plants in the bedroom as well as one of the decorations functions. If most of the decor in the bedroom is usually a chandelier, curtains or picture frame, then you can try to save the plant as a decoration in your bedroom. Plants are able to provide peace and pleasure for your coolness. However, keep the plants in the room requires careful calculation. Saving plants at random in the room will make you unhealthy. What impact will keep the plants in the bedroom? A consequence is your health.


Bedroom decoration by putting plants

Plants release oxygen when they are doing photosynthesis. However, it happens when during the day. At night, the plant will emit carbon dioxide that it should not be inhaled by humans. A carbon dioxide released by plants is to be avoided by humans. The next question that arises is how to save the plants in the bedroom without affected? There are some things you should consider when storing crops in the room.


The first thing you must take is to determine the exact design of the room. Given plants emit carbon dioxide when the evenings, when we are sleeping, then you should provide insulation in the plant and your bedroom. However, insulation used should not cover up the beauty of these plants. You can use insulation made of glass in your bedroom. Bulkhead of double glass works, namely as insulation and as a protector of the carbon dioxide produced crops. You can used glass window large enough to make this partition. Plants can be put outside the room. This method is considered effective enough to provide protection to the occupants of the room as well as carbon dioxide does not cover the beauty of the plant itself. You can also make use of the glass door that slides to the oxygen produced by plants into the room. At night, you can move the door to avoid carbon dioxide into the room.


use glass window

In addition to use of glass windows and doors, you can also hang plants near the bedroom. However, the disadvantage of the use of plants hanging f is the quantity of plants. Plants that cannot be suspended because of too much traffic will occupant. However, once again, you still have to provide insulation between the plant and the bedroom. You can outsmart the store plants near the circulation of air in the room.


put plants near the window

One thing you should know is that there are levels of carbon dioxide in the room is very spacious rooms and depends on the quantity of stored crops. So, you should find an appropriate comparison. If you still confused, you can find many inspirations in many interior design magazines. You can find many pictures in internet. So, are you ready now?

That’s some tips on how to make bedroom decoration by putting plants


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