Bedroom with Shades of Purple

Bedroom with shades of purple can make the atmosphere becomes more beautiful. Do you believe? Yes, the color purple is used in the bedroom will make your bedroom more beautiful. Bedroom will look increasingly more colorful if you combine purple with other colors. Some other colors that can be combined with white and purple color are black. Both these colors are natural colors that can accentuate the color purple in your bedroom. Purple color is also very suitable when used in the girl’s room. The color purple also is one option that can be used in addition to the color pink in the girl’s room. The color purple is used in the bedroom will make you feel calm and comfortable, as long as the combination of colors used is also appropriate. The color purple is considered less appropriate when combined with the color red. This is true. Purple and red do have a strong character and concentrated, so it is better do not use these colors together.


Bedroom with Shades of Purple, simple bedroom with shades of purple

simple bedroom with shades of purple

The color purple can you apply on your bedroom wall. You can use some kind of purple color with various concentrations. As you know, there is a lot of concentration on each color, one of which is concentrated on the color purple. You can use some kind of purple color, such as bluish purple or reddish purple. The color purple is used depends on your taste. In addition to using wall paint, you can also use purple wallpaper. You can use wallpaper with a purple color, with or without motive. One of the advantages is that you can choose the wallpaper motifs that are available. There are many motives that exist in the wallpaper which you can choose. In addition to a wide range of motives, you can also choose the color motifs available. You can choose flower motif or abstract motif in wallpaper.


purple wall in bedroom with shades of purple

In addition to using the color purple on the walls, you can also use wanr purple on the existing bedding in the bedroom. You can use a bed sheet, pillow and purple blanket. As a complement, the decor, the room’s shades of purple, use some of the items as follows. You can use the carpets, photo frames, flowers or curtains. You can use carpets with many motifs. All the items mentioned above may use different combinations of purple. The decorations will in turn make your room look more beautiful and sweet. The use of curtains with various shades of purple motif will also make your room more interesting. The use of shades of purple also can make your room becomes more romantic.


purple furniture

The selection of the right furniture can also beautify your bedroom. Furniture is kept to a light brown or white. As a complement, you can use a unique design and furniture. You can combine furniture with other colors in your room, such as use furniture with black color. You can find various shades of purple bedroom design in the existing interior design magazine.

Well, now you know how to make your bedroom with shades of purple.

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