Applying Brown Color-combination Bedroom

If you want to make something new to your house, applying brown color-combination bedroom will be best suitable for it. Brown is a neutral color which can be applied in every room and style, either minimalist or classic. Applying those colors as accents is also possible. All you need to think is how to combine them with other colors.

Brown Combination Bedroom

When some people said that brown is a little bit boring, it’s not. Do you know why? Because, the neutral color indeed gives a simple look and doesn’t force us to pay attention on it. Therefore, your eyes will not be tired when you look at those colors.

If you compare them to the bright colors, such as red or yellow, your eyes will quickly be tired. Although the bright colors always look good at the first-sight, you will be bored for some times later. That’s the reason why neutral colors, such as brown and beige, are eternal.

Green Combination Bedroom

There may some people around you who still considered brown as the boring color and is most suitable for elders. However, if they are combined with the other colors, they can also be elegant and glamorous. In case, you combine them with a same-tone color. Then, how can you combine them in a right proportion?

There are many tips to combine different colors. One of the simplest and most-used tips are in a way of comparing the dark color with the light one, in case, as said, at the same-tone color. One of the result of this combinations, such as dark and light brown, makes an amazing “classic” bedroom.

Blue Combination Bedroom

After you combine those colors, you should try to paste a dark-brown wallpaper on one side of your bedroom, especially under the area where your bed’s headboard is placed. Its presence could be very dominant because it covers most parts of the wall. Then, you paste a light-brown wallpaper on the other side of the headboard’s area to give a boundary accent.

In that bedroom, those two brown colors are compared with the other light color, which is beige. You should paint “beige” on three room’s walls whose presence is more dominant than the dark brown. This color can also become the center of your bedroom. Finally, are you ready in applying brown color-combination bedroom?

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