Cheap and Simple Decorations

If you want to fulfill your things to your living room, you should try to fulfill it with cheap and simple decorations. As people know, a living room needs a sofa, television rack, coffee table, carpet,lamp, and many more. However, it doesn’t always end like that, by the way. You can still an amazing living room even though you really have a limited budget to spend on. Well, how are the tips in applying the simple decorations living room?

simple decorations simple living room Cheap and Simple Decorations

Simple Living Room

Most people, including you, consider that applying these simple decorations in the living room takes so much budget. But in fact, it doesn’t take some much money if you can handle your budget. If you have a limited budget to spend on this simple decorations, you should better minimize your furniture. Don’t worry, your living room would be as comfortable as before even though there are not much furniture.

First thing to do in looking for cheap and simple decorations is to enlist some furniture from your list. At least, you don’t really need a sofa and coffee table, right? Those can be replaced by a carpet. Besides, without those furniture, your living room will be wider and more comfortable than before.

Living Room with Carpet

Second thing to do in looking for cheap and simple decorations is to replace the sofa with a bean bag and a traditional-sintetic rattan chair. These two furniuture is very easy to move. They are not very heavy and its size is not really big. The chair itself can be used as a tiny table in your living room.

Third thing to do in looking for cheap and simple decorations is to prevent choosing a big and heavy television rack. In order to get a sweek-look, you should place a carpet on your living room’s floor. Can you imagine that?

Simple-style Living Room with Carpet

If it’s measured, this kind of simple decorations living room needs only 2 m x 2 m size room. And it can be lesser than that. Without either a sofa or a coffee table, this kind of living room is still comfortable to be used as a family room. Interested? Well then, do you want to apply these simple-style decorations in your living room?

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