Children Bedroom with Teddy Bear Theme

Designing children bedroom with teddy bear theme must have been very pleasant, especially for your parents. Designing a bedroom is to be one fun job for a mother. If most people use a design or concept bedroom minimalist, classical or modern, then you should not use this concept to your child’s bedroom. Children will not understand what the concept of minimalist bedroom, classic or modern. They just love all things associated with the world. This is why you, as parents, or as an interior designer, need to understand and know what is much liked by children. One of the things that are liked by many kids teddy bear. Teddy bear is one of the characters in the form of brown bears. Teddy bear is much liked by many children and adults as well, because it describes the innocence. Well, the teddy bear theme in the bedroom may be one good choice for those of you who are looking for themes that will be used on your child’s bedroom.


children bedroom with teddy bear theme, teddy bear theme in bedroom

teddy bear theme in bedroom

Theme teddy bear you can apply to many things in the items in the child’s room. However, not only the goods, you can also use wallpaper or paint the walls with a touch of teddy bear for stressing theme used. One way is to use a brown color on the walls of your child’s room. You can use the brown wall to emphasize the use of this theme. In addition, the use of several color combinations is also highly possible, or even highly recommended. Brown color is often a color used not many people, but you can make a new breakthrough by using a combination of other colors, like white or even dark brown.


use brown color in the wall

In addition to the wall, you can also use the same theme on some furniture, for example by using bed sheets and other bedding. You can use a bed sheet with the same theme, the theme of a teddy bear. Use of bed linen with a teddy bear motif would affirm the theme of the room itself. You can combine the use of bed sheets with pillow case with the same motif.


use teddy bear bed sheet

As a complement, you can use a variety of decorations teddy bear to highlight the impression that you are using. Child’s bedroom decor with teddy bear theme can be a place for your child to be creative. You and your child can hang some wall hangings or pictures on the wall. You can use photo frame with the same theme or just using brown color alone, it already represents the bedroom theme you use. The final touch that you can use is to keep hooligans teddy bear in bed or in your child’s closet. If you still confused what you should use as a decoration in children bedroom with a theme teddy bear, you can find many pictures in internet or many interior design magazines. You will get many ideas from interior design magazines and pictures mentioned above.

Now, are you ready for designing children bedroom with teddy bear theme?





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