Choosing Suitable Wall Paint as Needed

Choosing suitable wall paint with a house can not be indiscriminate. You have to adjust the type of paint to be used with a wall to be painted. For example, when you will be painting the bathroom walls, then paint used is water-resistant paint. In addition, there is also a paint that has the advantage of anti-fungal, produces gloss or paint a wall that can accentuate the impression of luxury at home. Currently, there are many types of paint the walls with a variety of advantages on the market. Which paint would you choose to paint your house? To answer these questions, you should read some information about the walls paint below in order making you know which paint is best for your house.

decorative paint

You should know about the division of the wall paint. Wall paint is basically divided into two classes, namely the interior and exterior paint. Interior wall paint is paint that is used for the inner walls of a house, while the exterior paint is wall paint used to paint the exterior walls of the house. Well, now you already know what type of paint to be used. As a suggestion, use interior paint to paint the walls in the house and exterior paint to paint the exterior walls of the house. The basic ingredients of the wall paint are water. Water is used as a paint base material because it can stick to the wall perfectly. In addition, the paint is water-based wall will not flammable.
Walls paint can also be divided based on the effect it makes. Walls paint will usually produce a flat wall surface, known as type flat finish. This type of paint will not make the light reflected and has quite a lot of pores. However, these pores can be ‘container’ as a dirty wall. There is also walls paint, named the Eggshell. Eggshell paint type is easier to clean when compared with a flat finish paint type. In addition, Eggshell will make the walls become shinier. Wall paint that creates the effect of gloss on the walls is subdivided into semi-gloss and high gloss. Levels of sheen on the wall effect can be seen from its name.

a room that used eggshell paint


However, there is now also paint a wall that can provide a decorative effect on the surface of the wall. The effects of this type of wall paint can be a bumpy wall surfaces, rough, cracked or textured. Paint that gives the effect of decoration will usually be mixed again with special materials that are mixed prior to painting.
In addition to the above types, there is also a paint that can make the wall look more luxurious. This paint is usually used to paint the walls in the restaurant, cafe or other public space. This paint can make the wall becomes more shiny and smooth. However, for knowing more, you have to touch the surface of the walls because this paint can not be known if only viewed it.

wall that used glossy paint

Well, that’s a few things about wall paint. Hoping these article will help you in choosing suitable wall paint.



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