Pink and Purple: Perfect Combination for Classic-style Bedroom

If you love to put classic stuffs on your house, then you should also put the combination of pink and purple to present a classic-style bedroom. Those two color cannot be only considered as a modern and pop-style color. They can also be cute to be put to the classic-style one. Even though it’s a little bit strange to put them on a same place, you should at least look at them at a different view.

Classic-style Bedroom

Some people thought that bright colors are only suitable for pop and modern display. But actually, they are able to be combined perfectly with the ethnic and classic-style ones. For example, there is a bedroom which uses this style as a main theme.

If you want to set this classic-style bedroom, at least you should pay attention on several things, such as big-sized furniture, wooden material and also curved ornament. Those things can fulfill the need of classic-theme bedroom. There are no specialities of those stuffs. Then, what is the different between them?

classic style bedroom classic style orange bedroom Pink and Purple: Perfect Combination for Classic style Bedroom

Classic-style Orange Bedroom

The answer lays on the color choosing. Most people choose dark colors to be perfectly fit with the classic style. However, why don’t you use bright colors as a challenge? It can be also unique and surprising. Try with pink and purple, first. You should apply these colors on your bedding set and curtain. Just a little bit. That’s the key.

Classic-style Beige Bedroom

In the finishing touch, you should exactly measure the bedroom arranging. You cannot let each furniture stand alone. There must be two of them. You should create your bedroom’s color perfectly fit with the door-handle’s color. You should make your wooden table’s pattern (nighstand table) as same as the parquet’s pattern. Therefore, the look of your bedroom with classic-style will be neater and more balance.

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