Cleaning the Difficult Stain at the Kitchen

Do you have problems to clean the difficult stain at the kitchen? Difficult stain to be cleaned often irritating homeowners. Some places are often exposed to the stain usually is the kitchen. The kitchen is a place that is usually the most often used by women. The kitchen is a place used for cooking, seasoning mix, even relaxing! The kitchen is often hard to clean stains are rated as good kitchen. That means are the kitchen is indeed often used. The consequences are often used room is dirty. Difficult stain to clean in the kitchen is manifold. The stain of which is oil stains on the stove, which can also be smeared over the walls and kitchen floor, seasoning the stagnant water, and soap stains that are not clean when on wiping.

stain at the kitchen

The problems above are just some problems that occur in the kitchen. If the problem is not addressed above, it will be hard to clean stains appeared. The difficult stain cleanness usually already turned into a stubborn crust. Therefore, immediately clean the stain when it starts to look. Overcoming early stain will be able to avoid the appearance of difficult stain to clean.

clean up the kitchen after using it

As mentioned previously, a stain that often appears in the kitchen is the oil stains. Cooking oil is often used in cooking. Its use is fairly often makes the stain is left in place. Oil stains are usually scattered on the stove, kitchen floor and walls. Cooking oil stains at first only in the form of dripping or splashing it. However, this stain over time will be a difficult stain to clean because it is not immediately on the lap. Difficult stain on the stove should be wiped with a cloth that has been wet by kerosene. Rub the cloth on the stove, which stains are difficult to clean. If the oil stain has disappeared, immediately replace it with a new dump. Clean the back burner by using a new dump, dry dump. While wheat is sown sufficient to cope with oil stains on the kitchen floor. Then wipe the flour with a dry dump, do not need to use water. And the last is to clean the oil stains on the kitchen wall. Use enough oil stains with a dump that has been given the soapy water and wash dishes.

use lemon to clean up the stains

You need to know that there are also some herbs that can help you in overcoming a difficult stain to be cleaned. The seasoning is lemon or vinegar, baking soda and salt. Vinegar can be used to clean glass surfaces and mirrors. Baking soda mixed with a little vinegar can be used to clean the sink. While salt can be used to resolve hard to clean stains on copper and brass, even stain left in the oven. To clean stains left in the oven, just sprinkle salt on the stain when the oven is still hot. Allow the stain to a cold oven, then wipe until the stain is clean.

Well, now you can overcome a difficult stain at the kitchen. Good luck!


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