Choosing A Color and Motive of Tiles in the Bathroom

You should be very careful when choosing a color and motive of tiles in the bathroom. There are so many colors and motives offered in the market. If you cannot smartly pick the best of them, then it will be useless. In applying the color and motive of tiles in the bathroom, you should choose one of them which has a simple design and apply them in the wall or in the ceiling.


Tiles' Motive

The color of white is mostly chosen as a bathroom’s color because it looks very healthy and clean. Some people even think that white tile is classic. Even before you change the traditional porcelain as tiles into a marble or stones, white tile is considered as the most natural material to be applied in the bathroom. This color never gets boring. However, when some dirts stick on it, then the bathroom becomes gloomier at one single time.

Black and White Tiles' Motive

During some period of times, some bathroom designers tried to introduce some new soft motives of tiles. Besides using white, it’s also used the other colors and other motives. Color and pastel-like/ bright motives are introduced as a new interesting idea. It means that, the using of these stray colors can give the other stronger atmosphere touch.

The effect of color and contrast motives, on the other hand, can also change the mood in the bathtoom. White-and-pastel-like color can be used as colors of wall and floor. Both of them will give the elegant look to the bathroom. In the other side, a deep contemporary neutral color, such as gray and black, will strengthen the look natural solace. The color of blue, green and peach will give a relation with water, while soft pink will strengthen the bathroom’s warmth.

Polcadot Tiles' Motive

Arranging these color in a big-sized bathroom will be very easily applied. You can use brighter colors for this big-sized bathroom. However, don’t let them be dominant in the bathroom and make it tend to be darker and more crowded. For your information, you can use a sea-blue color or aquamarine color. Then finally, you are ready to design a color and motive of tiles in the bathroom.


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