Combining Modern and Minimalist House

Combining modern and minimalist house can be one of the unique ideas to be applied. Concept house minimalist house modern and is not really much different. Modern concept house further highlight the use of technology rather than design, form and function of parts of the house. The house is minimalists which prefers a house or emphasize the function of parts of the house rather than design or shape. Actually there is a similarity of the house and the modern concept of a minimalist house. The similarity of modern and minimalist concept house is the second house was not too concerned with the design or shape of the house. A modern concept house promotes the use of technology emphasizing while minimalist house is optimizing the parts of the house.
Unique idea to combine these two concepts of this house is a very brilliant idea. Why not? Combining modern and minimalist house concept is not widely known. Many people tend to classify each concept without knowing what the advantages of merging the two types of concept of this house. Merging these two types of house concept, which is modern and minimalist, will bring many advantages.


Combining modern and minimalist house minimalist house Combining Modern and Minimalist House

minimalist house

Modern concept house is usually using technologies that are useful to support the activities of the occupants. For example, by using a lamp that has a light sensor which it turns off the lights and turn on by itself and many more. Modern concept house would prefer the functions that are closely related to technology. On the other hand, the minimalists house using space utilization or the parts to the maximum. For example, eliminating the gap between a room that can be combined, eliminating ornament ornaments were deemed unimportant.


modern house

Merger between the two designs will make the residents feel much more comfortable. Living in a minimalist house is very comfortable, but the convenience of residents will increase when the occupants can perform various activities freely where they helped with the technology in the house. Merging these two concepts are assessed house will make a new breakthrough, where a house would be the most comfortable place in the world.


modern minimalist house

In terms of interior, modern concept house will definitely use the smelly stuff technology. This is consistent with the concept of a modern house itself, for example, by using a door that can only be unlocked by entering a code number or a cabinet that can only be opened by recognizing the retina of the house owner. On the other hand, a minimalist house tends to use goods are considered important for the residents. For example, installing a bathroom shower because it is not possible to install a bathtub or eliminate the gap between the kitchen and laundry room. It is considered trivial, however, a minimalist house, which is identical with an area of ​​land that is not too large, will eliminate parts of the house which was considered not important.


In the end, do not ever hesitate to try new things in your house as long as it brings a positive impact.

Those are some advantages when you are trying to combining modern and minimalist house.

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