Applying The Concept of The Simpler The Best

As some people know, applying the concept of the simpler the best in your house is the hard one, if you don’t know where and how to start it. When you try to apply the concept yourself, you’ll find so much difficulties. If you grow up with luxury, then this type of concept of the simpler the best doesn’t suit you very much.


Single-horizontal-line Curtain

Nowadays, the world has fully changed. Right now, the level of beauty in the house isn’t determined by the variety of patterns and colors, like in the Victorian Age. The most important thing is to make everything around you interesting. And, to make it happened, of course, you don’t have to spend your time and money. That’s it.

Mies Van de Rohe, a famous architect, once mentioned the concept of “Less is More” which is equal to the concept of the simpler the best. The simpler elements appear, then the design would be really more comfortable. That’s the real concept of the simpler the best recently. Therefore, when you are decorating a room or a house, you don’t need too much things in adding aesthetic elements.

Beige-colored Curtain

The example is how to choose curtains in your room or house. It could be best suitable (if you love simplicity) to apply a single-contrast-horizontal-line curtain in one side of your windows than the patterned one. Because, the applying of the curtain itself has already represented how the concept of the simpler the best is. And, it has already also fulfilled the aesthetic need for the whole room or house.

In the concept of the simpler the best, it’s important to know that the bright color spread above the dark one will give a special effect for the whole things. The effect shown is not only contrast, but also interesting to look. It’s extremely different when you apply the bright color as a basic and then you put the dark one as additional paint. It couldn’t have been so interesting, right?

Grey & Black Colored Curtain

Although it looks very simple, in this concept of the simpler the best, the choosing of an accent of the curtain cannot certainly be careless and reckless. In this concept of the simpler the best, the accent of “line” is chosen to balance the horizontal panels applied in the wall beside it. So, when determining an accent, you should be very careful in applying this concept of the simpler the best.

The thing is, to choose a simple pattern of curtain and place it on the right location of your house. Then you could create the concept of the simpler the best on your own in your house.


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