Personal Country-designed Kitchen

You must be very interested to apply one of the kinds of personal country-designed kitchen. It not only gives you freedom to create your kitchen on your own, but also you can get the feeling to create it because it’s personal. Besides giving you freedom to create, the right design of kitchen, old-fashioned furniture and unique accessories becomes the most interesting parts in this country-designed kitchen. This will be your ideal future kitchen.

Country-designed Kitchen

Being in this kind of homey country-designed kitchen makes us forget about the city’s noise. This kitchen will give you the feeling of being in American village. You should create a design and detail as country as you can. Its design and detail are very unique. It has a country-style furniture on it, such as its cabinet, kitchen furniture, wallpaper and cabinet doorknob. Therefore, if you want to create this kind of country-designed kitchen, you should also prepare its complete furniture.

If you like green, you can apply the color in the cabinet as well. It is also combined with the color of brown and black. The color of green and black came from the duco paint. Its finishin can be made palely in order to get the feeling of country. These colors give the kitchen the new look of antique and unique.

Kitchen with Country-designed

If you have a 3.6mx6.5m-size kitchen, you can apply a double-line style kitchen located in both length side. While in the center of this double-line style kitchen, there stands a 60cmx170cm island table which has function as a working area and a storage for keeping cooking stuffs. On one of the sides of this country-desgined kitchen, there stands a leather-covered bench. This bench is very comfortable for you to sit or to spend your time doing breakfast.

The location of this country-designed kitchen is in the corner of the house, standing side by side with the dining room and backyard. If you are interested to put some windows on this country-designed kitchen, you should put five more windows to connect the kitchen and the garden. The combination of window and garden of course cover both a beautiful view from the garden and air circulation from the outside and also natural lighting.

Green Country-designed Kitchen

If you are interested to apply this country-designed kitchen, as an owner, you should beautify and make the display area of the kitchen interesting to look. It could be the best place to display every accessories on it, such as old-fashioned eating set, wine bottles, souvenirs, or food cans from different countries. These various unique collections come from different countries around the world or, you can find them in the second-hand garage sale.

This kind of display of course strengthen the house owner’s awareness to the kitchen. The other people who enter this personal country-designed kitchen will feel like in the foreign country.

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