Country House Plan Ideas

The country house plan is still popular in this present day. Even though many people opt to have the minimalist and modern house, you can find that some people still build country house in the metropolis and busy street area. There is no need to wonder about this phenomenon since country house plan can make you closer to the natural environment. Making a good country house plan is not difficult to do. There is no need for you to spend a lot of cash for decorating the home. You can use the recycled and renewable material. You can make the house look decorative by representing the natural environments.

Country House Plan Design

Country House Plan for Kitchen

People tend to pick bamboo material to define their country house plan. Bamboo is considered as one of the renewable materials. It is multifunctional since you can use it not only to make good artwork but also a good architectural design. If your existing looks ugly and uncomfortable to access, you can install bamboo flooring. The material is totally durable. Your feet will be comfortable when setting on it since it is soft. The bamboo flooring is available in various brown shades. You can combine the light and dark brown bamboo flooring to create a nice pattern.

Country House Plan for Outdoor

Country House Plan in White

The people who love with nice appearance on the living area, bedroom and dining room design can shop for the furniture pieces like chair and table made from bamboo. It can carry ethnic look in the house. To make the furniture more comfortable, you can add some custom cushions. It can be made in floral pattern or even plain pattern as you wish. The front door will be comfortable if you can set a bamboo mat. It can prevent the dirt and dust from your house to enter the house. If you want the country house look more natural and homey you can have a small bamboo plant located on the garden.

Country House Plan Look

Country House Plan

It can also be used as the decoration on the exterior wall. If your house is made in open space without any fence, you can use the bamboo plant as a fence. It can bring nice and beautiful look for the facade of your house. Moreover, you can maintain the privacy so that the walking people on the street will never peek a boo on the house. There are many types of wall art that you can have made from bamboo. You just have to go to the handcrafted stores and find the best sculptures and painting. If you want to decorate a coffee table, you can set a bamboo vase filled with dried flower. If your wall looks old, stark and boring, you can make it look new and interesting by installing wall paneling. It can be made from bamboo. You can ask a professional constructor to install the panel for your nice country house plan.

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