Creating a Playroom for Children At Home

Creating a playroom for children at home is a way to make children does not play outside the house. Indeed, playing outside the house will add experience and new knowledge for the children. However, there is a time to play outside the house for children that should also be restricted. Children who often plays outside will make them prefer to be away from home than do activities inside the house. Problems will arise when the child still had to get parental supervision and guidance. There are all parents, especially mothers, can not supervise their children when playing because now many mothers who work outside the home. In order to still be able to supervise the children, parents usually will ask for a baby sitter to help them supervise their children but there are also some parents choose to watch her children alone.

a sample of playroom

To help parents, especially mothers, watching her child while she was doing the housework, making room for the kids playing at home can be a solution. Actually, to make playroom for the kids at house can be made easily. The design and concept of playroom can be seen in magazines or in the tabloids. If the children have a favorite cartoon character, you can use it as a theme of the playroom. If the child likes a color, such as blue, then use accessories or blue paint anyway. After getting the color to the walls of the playroom, you can also add some other accessories like brightly colored carpets, tiles with beautiful motifs or put some paintings by your children.

use an unique thing


Another addition is using a carpet with bright colors and soft textured. Carpet with a soft texture will keep your children from injury when he fell. In addition, it is also done to avoid any friction on the skin of your child. Tiles with beautiful motifs can also be paired on the playroom floor. This crown will stimulate the child to recognize colors. Currently, there are a lot of patterned tiles that certain activities, like running or reading. These tiles will stimulate the children to do what is in the picture. Another thing that can be used to stimulate the children is to stick to painting on the wall. Paintings of children’s work mounted on the wall will make the children motivated to create other works. However, if you do not have a collection of paintings, you can also hang them favorite stickers. And lastly, keep the toy box in that space. Use toys or furniture is not heavy and does not endanger the safety of the children.

playroom with forest theme


Do not forget to ensure the safety and hygiene factors of children’s play room. Do not make the play space near the source of fire or electrical sources, such as near the kitchen or near a power outlet. Clean up is also the room after use so that the room is maintained clean. For the final touch, make sure the playroom at the home into a fun place for kids.

However, the most important thing is to use your imagination in creating a playroom for children at home.


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