Curtains and Photo as Decoration for a Minimalist Living Room

Decoration for a minimalist living room can be one of your choices to make the your living room  more beautiful. Decoration has become one of the things that are required for a room. Decoration in a room will make the room even more perfect. In addition, the decor will also affirm the concept of the room. However, in decorating a room, you should know the concept of space used. If the room is using the classic concept, the decor is classic concept should be used as well. On the other hand, if the room is using the concept of minimalist, the decor that is used should a minimalist. Decorations that are inconsistent with the concept of space will make room concept is unclear, for example a room with minimalist concept, but decoration used is a classic decor. This is of course contradictory. Minimalist living room is more about the function of a design or goods, while the Classical concept very concerned about the issue of aesthetics. This is obviously against with the minimalist concept. So you can combine the minimalist decoration and classic decoration.


Decoration for a minimalist living room, stripe curtains in minimalist living room

stripe curtains in minimalist living room

Classical concept decorate the room is not difficult. However, the classical concept also decorate the room cannot be done haphazardly. Minimalist decor to the room should consider the composition of the room. Besides composition, you must also consider the use of color and form of decoration that will be used in the decoration. There are several kinds of ornaments and items that can serve as a room decoration. Ornaments and such items include picture frames, curtains, vases, jars, and curtains. Remembering the living room uses minimalist concepts so you must consider things put in.


simple straight curtains

The first thing to consider before starting a minimalist room decorating is determining what items will be used for decorating. You must remember that a minimalist room tend to use makeshift decorations, elegant yet seemingly simple though. You must choose items that will be used to decorate a minimalist room. For example, suppose you decide to use as vases and draperies in the living room home decor. You have to adjust what colors are used from the living room. If your living room using a black and white, the vase and the curtains are used should have a base color or the same motif. However, if your living room light blue, then the vase or curtain must have the same color or close.


You can also put up some pictures on the walls of the living room at home. The photo will be mounted on a wall decoration for your living room as well, while providing a touch of familiarity. However, whatever the choice of items to decorate your living room, make sure that the decor is in line with the concept of space, for example, all minimalist concepts.

Decoration for a minimalist living room, use photo or painting to decor your minimalist living room

use photo or painting to decor your minimalist living room


You can find many inspirations in interior design magazines. If you want more pictures, you can see pictures in search engine in internet.

Well, now you know anything that can be used as decoration for a minimalist living room.


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