Decorating a Living Room with a Preserved Animal

Decorating a living room with a preserved animal may be a good choice. A room decor reflects that you are someone who likes to hunt. Well, did you know that the living room using a preserved animal decor is country living room with the shades? You have many choices. You can use different kinds of animals. However, you should also selective for choosing preserved animals will be on display. Some animals are usually preserved and serves as a home decor is the head of deer, birds and snakes. However, you should not use endangered animals as a decoration. Rare animals such as tigers, leopards, although only the head alone is preserved and used as a decoration, then you are participating in the animals murder  which are protected. It would be wise if you just buy a lot of animals in the environment. This is done so that the animals are protected from extinction as it continues to be hunted.


butterfly preserved

There are some animals that preserved decorations that you can try to keep it in your living room. You can save the butterfly is preserved as one of the decorations in the living room. As we know, the butterfly is a beautiful animal and has many colors and shapes. You can save a butterfly preserved in a transparent glass frame. This is done so that the beauty of butterflies can be enjoyed by everyone in the house as well as by those who visit. You can store the preserved butterflies on a frame or keep a preserved butterfly are in separate frames.


unique animal preserved decoration

In addition to the butterflies, you also save the data is preserved animals such as snakes in your living room. There are several types of snakes belonging to animals that protected by the government, so you should simply choose a snake that is often found alone. Snakes are preserved can be stored with or without a frame. These snakes are preserved the atmosphere of the living room will make you become more distinct. Focal point in your living room would be focused on these animals.


snake preserved

You can buy all the animals were preserved in many range of shops selling decorations for the home. However, you can also buy them in particular. If you have an animal that you specifically want preserved, then you can book in advance to the craftsmen. In general, it uses preserved animals decorating is quite risky for those of you who follow the program of animal protection. However, you can change the decor of this animal are preserved with the dolls that have similar characteristics. These dolls are not just similar; consist of shape, texture and size is the same as the original animal. Well, now, you do not have to worry anymore with animal protection program that you follow. You can find many ideas from interior design magazine or find it in picture in internet. You will find many creative ideas also if you go to stores that sell preserved animals.

Those are some decorating a living room with a preserved animal.


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