Design for Small L Shaped Kitchen

Design for small l shaped kitchen should come in simple look if you want to avoid any cluttered style in the kitchen. The l shaped kitchen will never make the room look tight for the installation of sink, stove and working area is perfect. It can be applied in many types of small kitchen design. The popularity of l shaped kitchen is seen among the people who have a small home. You need to think about the selection of furniture, wall hanging, ceiling color, lighting and kitchen if you want to increase the style in the kitchen. Avoid placing too many items in the kitchen because they can contribute to clutter. You need to pick the items which can deliver subtle look. Infuse the l shaped design with modern or minimalist style. Let me give you some ideas to create engaging look in design for small l shaped kitchen:

design for small l shaped kitchen with tile

Find a high quality cabinet to set in the kitchen

The first thing that you can do to design for small l shaped kitchen is by placing a high quality cabinet. A kitchen cabinet always comes as the focal point in the kitchen. The attention of the people will be on your cabinet. If it looks drab and boring, it can create uncomfortable feeling in the room. You can pick a modern cabinet with glazing style. The hardware in the kitchen cabinet can be made in hidden look to avoid any busy look. If the kitchen looks old, you can repaint it with a new color. Ensure that the kitchen can hold any pieces and kitchen appliances. The upper cabinet can be used to accommodate the less bulky items. The downward area of the kitchen cabinet is perfect to accommodate the bulky pieces.

design for small l shaped kitchen

Add a kitchen island in the room

A small kitchen island in the room is the perfect ways to design for small l shaped kitchen. This place is used to dine with family and friends. You can hang out here in the late night while enjoying the supper. You can have the kitchen island surrounded with stools or wing back chairs. You need to ensure that the chairs are comfortable enough to sit. Underneath the kitchen island, you can set some shelves or drawers that you can use to fill it with items and pieces. Thus, your l shaped kitchen is neat.

design for small l shaped kitchen in white

Find the perfect light

When you use design for small l shaped kitchen, you need to note on the lighting in the room. Avoid the complicated lamp for it can bring busy look in the kitchen. You can pick the recessed lighting because it is simple and easy to install. It can deliver the modern appeal in the kitchen. You can also install specific lamps in a certain area such as the working area, counter space, sink and stove. The overhead lighting fixture can be set along the kitchen. You can install some pedant lamps along the island in design for small l shaped kitchen.

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