Designing A Good Bathroom

In designing a good bathroom, you should make a reference what book or article which you depend. At least, don’t make designing a good bathroom easy, because there are many things to be paid attention of. One of the key success of a house is how we treat things there, specially the cleanness and comfort of the bathroom.

In additional, when our friends come to our house, they are likely to come to the bathroom. Then, in designing a good bathroom, it’s best for us to renovate it. Our friend will praise it, about how we treat our bathroom. Therefore, we’d be better to make something new to the bathroom, in-or-outside of the bathroom.


White-colored Bathroom

Besides giving comfort to us, it will make our guest addictive to come to our house. Below are some tips in designing a good bathroom which you can pay attention on.

The first thing you should do in designing a good bathroom is to create the comfort and the beauty of the bathroom. They are indeed one package. In making a bathroom good is to pay attention on the good equipments on it. For expample, you should choose the floor material which is less slippery when it comes to water. To give a sight of beauty, you should find the other elegant pattern for your floor which will make your bathroom look luxurious.

Full-colored Bathroom

The second thing you should do in designing a good bathroom is to create a lighting effect. Bathroom lighting becomes the important factor for the comfort of the bathroom itself. In desigining a good bathroom, related to this stuff, you should choose a Victorian-style lamp with crystal accent. This beautiful and harmonious lighting effect will be one of interesting decorative designs of the bathroom.

Thus, the next thing you should do in designing a good bathroom is to hang a mirror on one side of the bathroom walls. Mirror is the other important elements in designing a good bathroom. In case you have a beautiful and luxurious bathroom, if you don’t have a mirror on it, it would be still useless. If you love traditional style for your bathroom, you can pick an ethnic-framed mirror hung on your bathroom wall by choosing a suitable color with the color paint of your bathroom.

Bathroom Accessories

The fourth thing you should do in designing a good bathroom is to pick some accessories to be placed at your bathroom. The choosing of accessories you use in designing a good bathroom must also be your number-one attention. Some interesting accessories which you can place in your bathroom for example is towel rack, washbasin, curtain, vase and box to place toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, etc.

Then the last thing you should do in designing a good bathroom is to combine the color of those stuffs with the room-and-floor pattern.


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