Designing a Winter Garden for a Colorful Style

Designing a winter garden can make people end up in a big mistake. Making your garden look like a paradise is very difficult especially if the winter time comes. Actually you can make the winter garden look perfect. It can make all people in the neighborhood envy with your skill and treatment to decorate the garden in winter time. The main challenge is on freezing during this cold season. People have to note on the hardiness zone before they plant certain flowers or plants in the garden. Many people make it safe by using the evergreen flowers and plants which can resist to the cold feeling in the winter season. You need to look at the following tips for designing a winter garden:

Designing a Winter Garden in Beautiful Design

Look at the size of the garden

The first thing that you need to do is picking the right site for planting the flower. Choose the four season flower bed in the suitable shape, size and placement. You can use a tape measure when you want to determine the size for the four season flowerbed in garden. If you want to keep it simple, you just have to apply the flowerbed in the corner space.

Designing a Winter Garden

Determine the intensity of sunlight in the site

Sunlight is very important to note. Even though you choose the four season flowerbed, the intensity of sunlight should not be neglected. You need to determine whether the flower bed will get high, medium or low amount of sunlight. It enables you to choose the right plain and flower for designing a winter garden.

Plant selection for designing a winter garden

Now it is the time for the gardeners to choose the suitable plants and flowers for designing a winter garden. You need to note on the USDA plant hardiness zone when selecting the type of flower and plants to grow on your regions. The flowers and plants which can bloom in the cold month include witch hazels, edgeworthia, camellias, and hellebore and viburnum tinus. They are included as perennials plants and can live until 3 years in a row. Thus, you can save much energy and time when it comes about the maintenance of perennial plants.

Designing Winter Garden

Annual flower selection

It is okay for the home owners for designing a winter garden in annual plants and flowers. They can live for a year.  You can go with winter or even autumn blooming flowers.  Some interesting and colorful flowers to grow during the cold month include digitalis, pansies, and dianthus. Those who like with four season interest in the winter garden can choose the bulb plants such as snowdrops, daffodils, and crocus. You can also choose blue fescue, variegated euonymus and yucca to increase the beauty in the garden. The placement of garden flowerbed should look organized to keep the design in winter garden neat and nice.


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