Designing and Using Furniture in Girls’ Bedroom

Designing and using furniture in girls’ bedroom of course have to be distinguished from the room for the boys. Bedroom design was of course different. Boys’ bedroom can be made simply and openly. However, this does not apply to designs for girls bedrooms. Girls’ bedroom is usually located at the end of the house or is in the room that would not be easily accessible by others. This is because the girls should be well protected.


girls bedroom theme

There are several things to consider in making room designs for girls. The first thing is to determine the exact location. As mentioned above, a bedroom for children should be a room that is not easily accessible by others. Having already determined the location of rooms, you, the parents, should begin to design a furniture layout that will be stored in these rooms. Bedrooms for little girls somewhat complex because there are usually mounted ornaments, ornament, either on a wall or in the bedroom window. This is why the girls’ room design should be made with great precision. If you have one store, then the room will look full and crowded by the goods.


Daughter’s room is usually synonymous with the funny stuff, like a doll or a music box. You can begin to set in which the position of the bed, closet and desk. If you still have furniture, other furniture should be stored; you can set the position to be as comfortable as possible. Do not forget to make the room appear to be widespread even though the items in it are quite a lot. You can also keep the glass as complementary accessories in your daughter’s room.


unique girls room design

Another thing to consider is the selection of furniture. Furniture for the girls’ bedroom is of course different from the furniture for the men child. Currently there is much furniture that uses a variety of themes, such as child’s favorite cartoon character or a teddy bear. Furniture’s theme for girls’ bedroom is usually the teddy bear or doll Barbie. However, there are also girls who actually like the cartoon character as a man child. This is not anything, but you should insert a little feel of a woman that the children realize the kind of their gender.


Themed furniture that can be selected based on the sex of the child is a bed and the accessories such as blankets and sheets. You can use different themes for your daughter’s bedroom. If your daughter likes teddy bear, then you should choose a bed with the same theme.


purple girls room design

You can also paint the child’s bedroom wall color with her favorites color. In addition to paint, wallpaper, or use wall cover to get a variety of beautiful motifs. Girl child room will be full of colors if you combine the use of paint and wallpaper. You can also ask your daughter which color did she prefers used in her new room? Is it yellow or pink?

Those are some tips in designing and using furniture in girls’ bedroom.

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