Designing Country-Style House

Designing country-style house in question is not as easy as many people. A country-style house is widely used in the Americas. However, at present, there are many country-style houses that was applied in many countries. Many people who adopt a country-style house for warmth. Country-style house is likely to create the impression of warmth for the occupants. Country-style house can actually be found some time back, however, country-style house back into a trend when people are so eager occupancy can bring comfort and warmth for the people who live in it.


Country Style House country style house design Designing Country Style House

country-style house design

Country-style house is actually not much different from the Mediterranean-style house. A similarity between the country and Mediterranean style houses are the houses prefer to use ingredients derived from nature. The materials taken from nature can be applied in some parts of the house, are like to use wood as a wall. However, you should be able to distinguish the country and the Mediterranean-style house. The second difference is the style of the house taken by the house direction. Mediterranean-style houses tend to adapt the design to the European continent.

use wood for the wall in country-style house

In addition to using wood as a wall, country-style house can also use natural stone as part of the house. Country-style houses tend to apply the western style. Others say that the country-style houses are usually very closely with design houses ‘ancient’. This is why people who like country-style houses are usually old or even younger kids who really love the western style. Given the country-style house is attached to something that smells of ‘old’, then the country-style house had to be supported by the exterior and interior design that supports. Country-style house exterior design more use of natural stone or wood on the walls of the house. To thicken the country style, the house can also be decorated with a variety of different plants that can make houses cooler. One of the most prominent country-style houses is the use of the roof sticking out as much as two or more and has sloping sides. In addition, the horses were usually supported only houses with wood. Apart from the roof form, country style house also commonly use a natural color. Colors used are yellow brown. Color selection is intended to enhance the warmth of the house.

country-style house interior

In terms of interior, country style houses are usually decorated with various ornaments, ornament painting or the smell of the past. However, you also can add natural colors to enhance the natural; for example by painting on the wall was usually classical paintings while ornament is used usually are items Antic. While the form of doors and windows can be adapted to the western style. You can deliberately put western-style ornaments, ornament, such as a display of the head of a cow or a horse saddle.


Although considered old-fashioned country-style house and the ‘old’, but the evidence is, until now there are many people who use your stylish house. This proves that the country-style house is still preferred by many people, the warm shades.

Those are some tips for designing a country-style house.

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