Designing Eco Friendly House

Eco friendly house is a term for a house that does not damage the surrounding environment. Environment around the house or better known as the ‘natural’ has become one of Earth’s resources to be protected and conserved. Construction of other demands such as, industry, manufacturing and housing are often identical to destroy nature. In fact, nature must be preserved for the sake of human survival. Based on the fear is an idea to preserve the environment, nature, appears. One way it can be used to preserve the environment is to build environmentally friendly homes.


Eco friendly house

Eco-friendly house is a house built without damaging the surrounding natural conditions. This definition applies both when the house was designed, when it was built and in treatment. Eco-friendly homes Eco friendly or indeed received much attention lately. This is due to the number of people who realize the importance of environment, nature, for humans. If you make an Eco friendly industry is still considered difficult, so one way to do early on is to build an Eco friendly house. Eco friendly house designed and built without harming the environment. It is made from Eco friendly house built for the destruction of nature can be minimized from the outset. Eco friendly homes have distinctive characteristics when comparing to other houses. There are some things you should know of an Eco friendly house.


green house

The first thing about Eco friendly home is the number of plants or trees that are around the house. Trees or plants that exist around Eco friendly house are intended as a green land for nature. Eco friendly homes usually have lots of land planted with plants or trees. The next thing you should know about Eco friendly home is the use of various materials in the construction of the house. Eco friendly homes use materials made from natural as well. One is to use wood as a wall or floor of the house. However, the use of wood on the walls or floor Eco friendly home is not without calculation. The use of wood as a wall or floor is calculated by the replanting of trees with a large size. In addition to the use of walls and floors with wood, Eco friendly homes also take into account the power consumption is to be used by residents. One way is to use a solar cell as one of alternative electric energy. Eco friendly homes typically use a solar cell on the roof to reduce power consumption. Solar cells will make solar heat is absorbed and re-issued in the form of alternative energy needs of residents.


use wood in Eco friendly house

In addition, Eco friendly house also uses a large window.This is done so smoothly and good air circulation. Smooth air circulation will minimize the use of air conditioner. The use of air conditioner causes low electric power consumption. You can find any Eco friendly design house in many interior design magazines or inspirited pictures in internet.

Those are some things you should know in designing Eco friendly house.

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