Designing Your Wall Decor

A wall decor should be determined if you want the house look amazing to view. The bare wall is not great even though you have minimalist and modern home. You still need to arrange great items to make the wall look wonderful. There are many types of wall decoration that you can set on the bare space.  You just have to suit it based on the types of the house. For example, if you love with a country house, you can set a hand craft wall decor to bring great unity on the wall. You do not need to shop for the hand craft item. You can make it by yourself if you have creativity and imagination. The crafts and shadow boxes look totally creative to adorn the wall.

Wall Decor Design

Wall Decor Ideas

It is easy for you to beautify the wall since there are many types of affordable items to have. If you have many postcard collections, place them on the drawer. You should be creative by placing the postcard as the wall decoration. You can frame it with glass and wood for interesting look on the wall. If you want to bring larger look on the area, you can set several mirrors to gather on the wall. It can come in various sizes. You can choose the simple frame mirror if the room is made in modern style. If the room is made in Victorian design, you can have the intricate framed mirror. It can be made in French or even Italian design.

Wall Decor

Wall Decor Style

If you love with unnatural look, you can set the mirror adorned with seashell material. If you are a collector, you can apply your key collection on the wall. You can arrange them based on the size. You can bring the smaller pieces of keys on the right area, while the left area can be adorned by using the large keys. If you love with beautiful look on the wall decor, you can set several types of wrought iron planters. They can be adorned by using silk flower for simple maintenance. Such decoration is perfect to adorn the wall on the front door area.

Wall Decor Look

Wall Decor for Bedroom

The outdoor wall will look romantic with several wrought iron planters. If you have to preserve the family heirloom, you can an open shelve on the wall. Adorn it with your grandmother’s china collection. It can be made in pink and white color for feminine design.  You can also have family pictures on the wall. If you just want tor bring a good focal without complicated arrangement, you just have to set two or three big family pictures on the wall. It can be used to adorn the fireplace mantle too. If you want complicated look, I suggest you to place some small family pictures on the nice wall decor.

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