Different Designs of Curtains

Designs of curtains are varied. You need to pick the best one based on the interior theme of your house. Curtain is not only great to deliver beautify in the house; it can be used to maintain privacy and protecting the home from the intense sun light. The height and weight of the curtain determines the style that you like to perceive in the room. You can have it in formal or even casual style. It can be installed in the window for interesting view. Make sure that the curtain color can be suited with the whole decor in the room. In this post I will show you some designs of curtains to set on the room of your house. One of the most widely designs of curtains that you can get is called as rod pocket or pole top.

Designs of Curtains for Bedroom

Designs of Curtains for Living Room

Designs of Curtains for Modern Home

The installation of this curtain should be well decided. It should be in fixed position if you do not want to face any difficulties to open and close the curtain. The rod pocket curtain will cover the entire rod. The top of the curtain can be designed in pleat or even plain accent. It depends on the personal preference of the people. The second type of curtain that you can purchase is pleated curtain. Usually the pleated accent can be found on the top of curtain. It can bring the formal feel in the room. Those who love to adorn the Victorian, Tudor English or even modern house can pick this curtain.

Designs of Curtains in Beige

Designs of Curtains in Blue

Designs of Curtains in Charming Style

The commercial buildings like office and meeting room will look totally adorable by using this type of curtain. Compared other types of curtain, the pleated one is sold in more expensive pricing. It is due to the fact that the manufacturers will need more fabric to carry the pleated look. Those who love with modern or even contemporary style can pick the tab top curtain. It can be the perfect choice for the people who just want to deliver simple and easy appearance. It is perfect for the people who do not have much money.

Designs of Curtains in Luxury

Designs of Curtains

Designs of Curtains in White

Designs of Curtains in Simple Look

It is affordable and comes in a wide array of colors and styles. If you want to deliver a unique feel in the house, the café curtain can be tried. You can achieve an interesting flair in the kitchen and dining room. Compared to other curtains, it is made in shorter length. The café curtain can be used to cover the half side of the window. Thus, you can see for the outdoor scenery while maintaining the privacy. The natural light can break in the room. You can use it to adorn the room which needs more light during the day. The nice designs of curtains enable you to beautify in the window in affordable price.

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