Do You Think to Install a Shower at Home?

Do you think to install a shower at home? Shower can be a bathroom accessory that helps you wash the body after a day of activities outside the home. Bath can be one way to make your body and your mind becomes relaxed and calm. If you have a bathtub in the bathroom, you can soak your body in it by using warm water. In addition, you also can use a soap that has aromatherapy.
However, how if you do not have a bathtub because of the limited size of bathroom? Well, you do not need to worry. One way that can be used to help you calm down after a day outside the home is a bathroom with shower. Shower is one tool that will be able to spray water automatically to all over your body. Shower is usually placed on the wall with a certain height. The location of the shower is usually higher than the height of people in the house. Location of shower that is too short to make the water can not be sprayed properly.


If the land used to store the tub should bis too large, not so with the land needed by the shower. Shower only requires a small area. However, although the shower does not require large tracts of land but the installation must be done carefully. The floor used as a floor for the shower must be observed slope. Do not let the stagnant shower floor. The floor used as a shower floor usually is ceramic. Ceramics have assessed quite long durability. You have to choose a tile that has a rough texture to prevent slipping in the bath. This is an advantage compared to a bathtub shower. In addition, the shower can also help you indirectly conserve water usage. The using of water in the bathtub for bathing one person is about thirty liters. Can you imagine how much water is wasted if there were a hundred people using the bath tub in one day? This is one reason why the shower should be installed in your bathroom. Installation of shower can save water consumption in the world.

take a bath using shower

Although the use of the shower can save water, you should pay attention to cleanliness of your bathroom and shower. You have tried to create a bathroom that gets enough sunlight. Sunlight can make a weak germ and saves the use of lights in your bathroom. In addition, sunlight also makes your bathroom to avoid moisture. Bathrooms that are damp can make the walls filled with black spots or even a moss! In hidden places, moss may grow in your bathroom. Moss is one of the causes of incompressible and slimy shower. Cleaning the shower is not difficult. You simply use lemon slices soaked in hot water. You can use the mixture to soak the shower. Well, easy is not caring for a shower in your bathroom?

folding shower

But, despite all the things about the shower, it’s time to decide whether you need to install a shower at home?

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