Double-bed Bedroom

If you have a limited space area in your house, you should be better to let your kids to share their beds, by using the concept of double-bed bedroom. If you consider it carefully, there are so many advantages in applying the concept, especially if your kids are twins. Although in the beginning your kids might feel forced, sooner or later they will act naturally as it goes. The most important thing is not to let the double-bed bedroom crowded and airless.

Bedroom with Double-bed

You all know that a bedroom is one of the places where people can express their personal feeling. That’s the reason why everybody wishes some private conditions on it, especially for the teenagers who are physically and psychologically growing. A bad condition sometimes gives big influence to them when they are not in the mood. And therefore, you, as parents, should guide them with all your abilities, including by providing their need such as by giving them a double-bed bedroom.

In making this concept of double-bed bedroom, providing their need doesn’t mean that you have to fulfill all their stuffs. If you do that, then you are unfair to them. At least, you should spare your time to prepare their bedroom. Let them share their bedroom together. If you want to put on this double-bed bedroom on your house, you should carefully arrange it because sometimes uniting their bedroom will make your kids uncomfortable. All you need to do is to prepare some private area and not to limit it by some certain partitions, but to let their facilities fulfilled.

Bunk Beds

After that, all you should do in applying this kind of double-bed bedroom is to prepare one bed to every kids and decorate it with sheet and a same-color bed cover. However, applying a same single sheet is not really allowed, because it may make them confused about which bed they own is. Or, they will feel like losing-character. You should let them choose as their own characters. And you should give them boundary to protect their privacy.

Afterward, to make a double-bed bedroom for your kids on your house, you should place the beds in a same horizontal position. This kind of layout will make the room neater and make your kids closer. If it’s placed separately, they will rather choose to spend their time alone. And you, as parents, will not let them to do that, right? In making a double-bed bedroom, all you need to do is to discuss with them and make it real.

Green and Orange Double-bed Bedroom

Then, in making this concept of double-bed bedroom, you should make each beds face on the television or on the other interesting objects, such as outside scenery or anything. If possible, you can put a seating or reading area at the corner of your kids’ double-bed bedroom. Its function is to present a same activity which they can do together. Then, finally, you only need to put some good conversations with them and make your kids’ bedroom with double-bed as comfortable as it is.


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