Eliminate the Odor in the Bathroom

How to eliminate the odor in the bathroom? This is a question that often arises when housewives were asked about the complaint in bathroom. Odor in the bathroom is often a source of problems that cannot be solved by many people. Odor in the bathroom it can be eliminated by using air freshener. However, you cannot think that the bug has been completed. Odor in the bathroom can still occur even if you plug in air freshener. Store air freshener without addressing the source of the odor in the bathroom instead will make the air to be mixed. Finally, you actually will get a mixture of air bathroom and not fresh. This is because there is still a smell that has not been solved perfectly. You must find out why your bathroom is odor?


air freshener

You need to know that the odor came from the toilet often. The toilet is often a source of odor. Toilets which are not cleaned properly will make the odor wafted from the bathroom. Odor emanating from the toilet may be sourced from the dirt that is still attached to the wall toilet or toilet flushing water is still dirty sink or even your toilet clogged! Well, this issue must be addressed immediately. Dirt is still stuck in the toilet must be cleaned. You can flush the dirt with water sprayed from a hose. Water spraying is intended to make the yield of waste into the toilet wall. However, if the dirt is still stuck, you can brush it with different types of bristles. Currently, the bristles are of many kinds, some soft, medium and hard. If not cleaned, the dirt on the toilet walls will turn into crust. Crust in the toilet is not smelly, but it will make a dirty toilet and it is disturbing in the bathroom.


cleaning things in the bathroom

The cause of the odor from the bathroom is the stagnant water. Stagnant water comes from many sources, such as the rinse water of the shower, flush toilet or water when the water used to wash hands. Stagnant water is not immediately cleaned up would make the water smelly and slimy. In addition, the stagnant water where mosquitoes will also be to lay her eggs. Water is slimy will cause odor. Stagnant water to clean it, you simply douse it with water and make sure nothing else is stagnant water. If the water is muddy, you should brush your location is not under water until smooth again. You must to brush until the floor is clean, flush and drain it immediately until there is no longer stagnant water.


brushing the toilet

Bath equipment which is runoff, such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste and shaving cream are scattered on the floor or in the sink will also create odor. At first, it’s spilled various liquids is odorless, but if left too long, eventually the smell will smell of your bathroom as well. You should immediately clean up spilled liquid spills to dry.

Well, that’s a few tips to eliminate the odor in the bathroom. Good luck!

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