Exclusive Ideas for a Zen living room

If you want to infuse a Japanese culture in the house, you can apply ideas for a Zen living room. The aesthetics of Zen will be perceived if you can avoid the western ideas and move to the Asian culture of Japan. Simplicity is focused in Japanese living room. There is no need to create western interior design because it contradicts with Japanese art of Zen. Your living room will look simple, ample, and serene by using Zen design. If this is the first time for you to transform the style of Zen living room, you get see the following ideas for a Zen living room. You can replicate them to adorn your old living room style.

Zen living room

Futon for seating area

If you like with a traditional style in Zen design, you can place futon instead of chairs. You need to decorate the floor with Japanese tatami mats. Then you can set some futons along the floor. You can pick the futon in comfortable style. It can be made in plain colors such as grey, black or white. Don’t forget to suit the futon with portable rice paper lights. This item usually is seen around the futon area.

Ideas for a Zen living room

Kaidan tansu

What about other types of furniture pieces in ideas for Zen living room? You can set a stepped storage chest. It can save your living room from any clutter.  Japanese people call this item as kaidan tansu. The original function of this chest is as a step which links the people to the next floor. The underneath area is ample to use as the storage space.  However, people do not love to use it as a decorative piece. You can display some nice pictures, staking boxes, ceramic, china or photos of family on the kaidan tansu.

Natural Elements

The natural element should never be left behind. When you want to apply the ideas for a Zen living room, you need to make the air fresh and smooth. You can have the atmosphere fresh if the living plants are used to decorate the living room. You can have a simple vase located on the center of the table. Fill it with a single lily as the focal appoint. Another element can be seen in the table top fountain. It can bring the trickling sound of water which keeps the guests serene. You can have all furniture pieces in the room created from natural material of wood. You can expose it on the window, door, or furniture pieces.

Ideas for Zen living room

Sliding doors

The home owner living in a small home will like to install sliding door. It is used to separate the living room design with other rooms at home. You can have the sliding door made from frosted glass or paper screen. It makes your space flexible because you just have to slide it when you open the door. Pick the one in painted design if you want the ideas for a Zen living room wonderful.

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