Exclusive Red and White Bedroom

Red and white bedroom is enticing for the people who want to carry interesting design on the sleeping area. It can bring romantic look. Red is always associated with fire, blood passion, and danger. It can be a very powerful color to apply in the bedroom. That’s why many people love to ignore the color. Bedroom should carry the relaxing and fresh air so that red is not considered as a great color to use. You can decorate the bedroom with red and white color to bring attractive joy and air. The effect perceived by the occupants depends on the decoration as well as the shade of red to apply on the wall, ceiling or even flooring. If you can bring nice colors and shades, the red and white bedroom can bring elegant and attractive effect without expressing distressing look.

Red and White Bedroom Decor

Red and White Bedroom Design

The first thing that you need to do is picking the red paint for the wall treatment. You can make a good combination of red and white bedroom if you can choose the white and red striped pattern on the wall. Don’t apply too much red on the wall for it cannot make you sleep well. Pick the small proportion. For example, you can adorn the wall in full white, while the border can be decorated in bright red. Don’t choose the bloody and bright red for it makes the room overdone. You can choose pale shades of red and maroon color to deliver the nice mood. If you do not want to enjoy the overpowering look in red and white bedroom, you can paint the three walls in white, while the first wall in red.

Red and White Bedroom for Kids

Red and White Bedroom Ideas

You can apply the white paint in the wall, while the trim and window bay can be in bright red.  Red floral patterned wallpaper can be applied on the white wall to carry romantic feeling. The next thing that you can do is pike right furniture pieces. You can choose the wooden furniture made in brown shades or even black shades. The color can reduce the overpowering effect in the bedroom. If you want to enjoy a contemporary feel, you can choose the clean lined furniture made in right wooden accent. The people who decide to adorn the wall, ceiling, bedding, and flooring in all white accents can choose the red furniture to eliminate the plain effect. The bedding can be in white color if you have used too much red on the bedroom.

Red and White Bedroom Style

Red and White Bedroom

You can accent the bedding with white colored pillow. Think about the window covering. If you want to carry elegant sense, you can choose the maroon curtain in thick fabric. If you just want to enjoy interesting look, white colored curtain can bring nice and simple effect. The flora pattern curtain is nice to adorn the red and white bedroom design.

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