Four Mistakes in Locating Bed

Instead of getting the right location for the bed, there are also mistakes in locating bed. This locating is indeed related to one’s comfort, right? However, do you know that locating bed would be so careless if you don’t do it rightly? The bed itself must not be located in any place you want. It needs to be considered before.

Air Ventilation Sketch's in Bedroom

In arranging and locating bed in your bedroom, the most main important thing is to create the aspect of comfort. The thing is to create the atmosphere where the room owner can rest peacefully, without anything disturbed. Applying a dimlight lamp, warm wooden material, or soft sheet/ bed cover may make the room atmosphere comfortable to stay. Well, is that enough?

There are also other forgotten thing, that is the position of the bed. It seemingly sounds a little bit unimportant, but on the other hand, the wrong position of the bed can be dangerous for your health. Therefore, you should pay attention on these mistakes in locating bed:

Bedroom Light

1. The first mistakes in locating bed is to locate it in front of your bedroom’s door. It’s wrong. Why? It’s because of the air would flow directly to your body so that you could be sick.

2. The second mistakes in locating bed is to locate it right on the side of wall. It’s not advicable. Why? Besides it’s getting difficult when you are changing sheets, the wall color could be striped because your bed covers the bottom side of your wall. It’s not only about that, then. The wall which is directly bordered by bathroom is very moist and dangerous for your body’s health.

Window-opened Bedroom

3. The third mistakes in locating bed is to locate it right on the side of window. It’s really dangerous for you health because the air flow would come to the window and can danger your health after all.

4. The last mistakes in locatinh bed is to locate it under the location where Air Conditioner is installed. It’s very dangerous for your health. If the air is directly flown to your body, you could have caught a fever.

Ideal Bedroom

The best location in locating bed is right on the center of your bedroom, with the headboard part stuck on the wall. It could be best suited if you complete your bed with two twins table on each side. However, if your bedroom is not very large, you could also spare a tiny little space (about 40-60 cm) in each side of your bed. Let’s check, did you do one of those mistakes in locating bed so far?

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