Kinds of Functionable Pantry

Right now, instead of making a kitchen, people would rather to create a functionable pantry in their house. Its function not only includes as a place for processing the food, but also as a place for relaxing and treating the guests. All the activities relating to the food is usually done here, in the pantry.

Functionable Pantry

The concept of pantry, which some people call it dry-kitchen, actually came from Europe and America. In its original country, the main function of pantry is to keep various food and stuffs for cooking. Therefore, in the concept of pantry, there are many cabinets and closets. On its development, pantry is used as a area to serve foods and drinks (beverages).

In western style, pantry is used as a place to keep and serve a glass of wine for treating the guest. To fulfill this function, a pantry is equipped with a bar table or a mini serving table. Beside that, it’s also completed with electronic stuffs to process the food, such as microwave. However, the applying of this concept is often found in extra-large houses while in the small-to-medium size house, the function of pantry has already been accommodated by a kitchen.

Pink Functionable Pantry

A pantry must actually be determined by the culture of each countries. Eastern people have a different cooking habit with the Western’s. The Eastern usually cook very complicated in the processing of making food. That’s the reason why Eastern people will need a complete kitchen stuffs. You should at least name the place for keeping foods and cooking stuffs as a kitchen, not a pantry. Therefore, you won’t need a pantry if you have a kitchen in your house.

Curved-ceiling Functionable Pantry

However, there are many people who still don’t understand about the concept of pantry and kitchen. Because of that, those who have already had a kitchen still want to create a pantry. All of these depend on the taste and budget of every person. However, if it’s not functionable, then why bother to create one of the kinds of functionable pantry instead of a kitchen?


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