A Functional Small Bathroom

If you are really smart to design a layout of your bathroom, there should be a way to make your small bathroom as functional as you can. Nowadays, a small bathroom is often considered as a disadvantage, especially when it comes to the limit of moving-space (flexibility). However, a small bathroom doesn’t really have a big problem if you can smartly design its layout.


Functional Small Bathroom

In a big city, there are less found a big bathroom. While a small bathroom is also facing the same condition. If you take a look at its function, a small or a big bathroom has their own advantage. A small bathroom is often considered as uncomfortable one, while the big one is considered as a wasteful one. Then, if you face this problem, which bathroom you should choose?

In some books, they said that a small bathroom can also be comfortable and functional. This, as said, needs the house owner’s thought to design it. When you arrange a bathroom, one of the important points is to prevent a unusable space. It means that you should make every single empty space in your house into a usable one. You have to make them as efficient as you can. Don’t let each corner of your house being useless or wasted.

Small Bathroom Layout

The choosing of color for your small bathroom also gives a big important role. A pastel color is best suitable to be applied in the small bathroom. Why? When you light your small bathroom with pastel color, it will make the whole bathroom look wider. Otherwise, if you apply dark color to your small bathroom, the color will make it look narrower and darker, of course.

Small Bathroom

Although the bathroom’s size is rather small, you should let your bathroom as functional as you can. You can choose white as the main color and make it the “light” for your small bathroom. Black should be applied as a balancing color for this small bathroom. Also, you shouldn’t forget about hanging on the mirror and the using of glass material on your shower area. If you have a big-sized bathroom, don’t be afraid to change it into a functional small bathroom once.


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