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Unique Shaped Shower In the Bathroom

Unique Shaped Shower In the Bathroom
Unique shaped shower can be installed in bathrooms in your house. If there are many people use the shower with a conventional form, then you can try installing unique shower shape. You should know that the fixtures and shower designs usually just a rectangular base that was closed by a curtain. In addition, the form has only a shower are also usually formed a long tube that directly connects to the shower. Nowadays, there are so many people who prefer  Read More ... »

Using a Unique Design of Sink as Decoration

Using a unique design of sink as decoration is one among many types of furniture that can make your home more fun. The sink is one of the usual furniture in the bathroom or kitchen. A monotone sink always makes the viewer bored. Boredom is often the case when the person is, or occupants of the house, because the sink is often seen. Well, there is one way that  you use to minimize the boredom. A way is by using uniquely shaped of sink. If most of  Read More ... »

Simple Bathroom Layout, No Many Store in Bathroom

Simple bathroom layout can be one way for you to make the bathroom look more practical. Given there are currently many people who prefer to use the bathroom with a minimalist design, then you should start thinking of making a bathroom with a simple display. It is indeed reasonable, because there are many people prefer the efficiency of time and money in the world that demand fast-paced and practical. Departing from this condition, many people prefer  Read More ... »

Antic Bathroom Design

Have you ever been interested in creating an antic bathroom design?There are many minimalist bathroom designs and modernity, it would not hurt if you use the bathroom design Antic. Antic bathroom design is quite rarely found in many bathrooms are there in the house. It is indeed reasonable, because the design of anti bathrooms require substantial funds to make it. This is one reason why not many people use the bathroom design Antic. Many people prefer  Read More ... »

How to Design a Bright Colorful Bathroom at House?

How to design a bright colorful bathroom at house? This is a question that often arises for those of you who are thinking about a new breakthrough to change the look of the bathroom in the house. The monotonous look of a bathroom makes people who use them to become bored. The monotonous look of the bathroom this includes the use of wall color, the use of color furniture, decoration and use of some other toiletries. The use of color that dominates  Read More ... »

Retro Shower Curtain in a Bathroom

Retro shower curtain may be an option for those of you who are looking for the right shower curtain for the bathroom in the house. Shower curtain in the bathroom can be a decorating for the bathroom in your house. Shower curtain in the bathroom has become a necessity for many people to their bathroom. Shower curtains can be useful as a barrier to the bathroom wet area in your house. That is some function of the shower curtain in the bathroom. However,  Read More ... »

Cheers with a Colorful Bathroom

A colorful bathroom is the main attraction for homeowners. The bathroom is full of color is to provide cheerful atmosphere in the home. If the bathroom is usually only black paint, white or natural colors, it would not hurt if you start thinking to create full-color of bathroom. The bathroom which is full of color will give a deep impression for people who wear them. People who take it will feel more ‘fresh’ when entering into the bathroom.  Read More ... »

Designing a Bathroom for Children

Have you ask to yourself about designing a bathroom for children? Maybe that’s a question probably comes to mind for parents. Bathroom for the child should have a special design. It is useful to make the child becomes awkward to use the bathroom. An awkward child use the bathroom will cause the child to be fussy when it will use it. Children who are reluctant to use the bathroom, of course, will affect the health and independence of the child.  Read More ... »

Tips for Designing a Modern Minimalist Bathroom

Modern minimalist bathroom is a bathroom concept is much in demand by many people today. It is because bathroom with a minimalist concept does not take up much land in your home. This is due to minimalist bathroom usually contains only mandatory equipment in the bathroom. Equipment that must exist in a bathroom is usually a toilet, shower and sink. These items can be combined with a variety of toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and shaving  Read More ... »

Eliminate the Odor in the Bathroom

How to eliminate the odor in the bathroom? This is a question that often arises when housewives were asked about the complaint in bathroom. Odor in the bathroom is often a source of problems that cannot be solved by many people. Odor in the bathroom it can be eliminated by using air freshener. However, you cannot think that the bug has been completed. Odor in the bathroom can still occur even if you plug in air freshener. Store air freshener without  Read More ... »