Tiny House Looks Broader with Limited Land

Many things to make tiny house looks broader with limited land. The amount of residential development is marked by numerous estates, apartments and new condominiums in the community. This reflects that the need for a residential community will be quite high. However, this is actually inversely proportional to the adequacy of land in line with increasing community needs a place to live.

minimalist house

People from various circles so long for a place to stay and try to get it. People, who come from the middle upwards, will be able to buy housing at any price. However, this does not apply to those who come from the middle down. Communities residing in these circles have trouble saving for a place to live. When the budget to buy a house is limited enough, then the wise choice is to be observed to buy a house with a small land area. Having a tiny house, does not mean uncomfortable. By using a number of ways, the tiny house will look broader than appearance even the land is limited.


The first way is to optimize the function of an existing space. For example the family room can be combined with the dining room. In addition, the rear of the house can also be used as an arena for children playground and park. Minimize the use of the wall can also be used to create the impression of space becomes more widespread.

minimalist dining room

Filling homes with used items is one way so that the room becomes more widespread. The house is filled with too much stuff makes a difficult for residents for walking or perform other mobility. But avoid goods that use less is an optimal way. If these tiny houses have two floors, then the goods that are unused can be stored under the stairs.


So save the use of the goods, the goods can be fused with the wall. For example, create a cabinet or bed that blends with the wall. As well as saving the use of space, this method can also save money because it is no longer need the purchase of furniture. If the house feels empty without any furniture, choose furniture that is lightweight and does not spend a lot of places. Materials of the furniture are also worthy of consideration. Its good l to choose furniture that is lightweight but still has a good quality. In addition, it is not advisable to buy furniture that are large and cover the entire wall. When the walls are still empty, it can be decorated with paintings or family photos. It will create an impression of ‘live’ in the room.

build-in cupboard


Installation of the mirror on the wall is one of the classic techniques used to get a broader impression of the room, especially when the mirror is reflecting the park. If not large enough to make a garden, then the hanging gardens can be ‘green’ home. Pots containing plants are suspended by a wire are considered sufficient to supply the existence of open space in the house.
And the last is the use of light colored paint will make the house into a vast and without boundaries.

There are several suggestion to make a tiny house looks broader with limited land.





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