Gothic-style Bedroom with the Combination of Black & Red

If you want to create a new and unique bedroom, a Gothic-style bedroom with the combination of black & red will be a best choice. Let’s consider it first. For you who love neither black nor red shall at least try to apply it first. Because, the color of black & red could be an interesting combination. Those two can create a deep-meaning character to the whole room. And of course, the colors are popular in organizing Gothic-style bedroom.

Beige & Black Bedroom

In architecture, Gothic-style is inspired by the construction of churchs. Those classic Gothic-style buildings can be seen in the construction of church, castle, or palace in the medieval centuries. Most people identified those architecture styles to the Dracula’s castle. Those Gothic-style can still be seen in the arrow-shaped in the buildings, such as in window, door, the arch ceiling and many more.

It looks very odd. No wonder that the word “Gothic” often refer to the gloomy-look. Nevertheless, Gothic-style also give a high-class look, because it was mostly used in the castle and palace. For you who are bored with the same-old-style room, Gothic-style bedroom would be your best inspiration. You shouldn’t have imitate the real Victorian style at all. All you have to do is to change some colors in your house.

Victorian-style Bedroom

Gothic-style bedroom is closely related to the strong colors, such as red, black, dark purple, gold, dark green and dark yellow. You can both use these colors and combine some of them to the gothic-style bedroom you want to create. For example, the combination of black & red would be very attractive in your Gothic-style bedroom. Applying those colors in your Gothic-style bedroom will make it unique.

However, according to some facts, there are not many people who want to apply the colors to their bedroom, because the colors are very “heavy” and dark. If you also have the same opinion, you don’t need to apply them on the wall. You can apply it only on the furniture, curtain, lamp, beddings, carpet or on the other accessories.

Contemporary Gothic-style Bedroom

Although the colors have the same characters of strong, they could be very advantageous to each other while having been applied in your Gothic-style bedroom. The color of black makes red more attractive. Otherwise, red also give black another chance to be beautiful. It could be very suitable to each other, right? Well then, are you ready to apply black & red in your bedroom with Gothic-style?

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