Hogwarts Themed Bedroom for Kids

A Hogwarts themed bedroom is popular because many kids love with Harry Potter movies. Harry Potter is considered as an icon embedded on the heart of the children all over the world. It considered as the global phenomenon since people love to stay in queue for longer hour just to buy the books or even watch the Harry Potter movies on the cinema. You can enjoy a new look in the bedroom by using the Hogwarts inspiration. It can take your kids closer to his favorite characters in Harry Potter. The decoration is not difficult to apply in the sleeping area. You just need to focus on the detail of the complicated items.

Hogwarts Themed Bedroom Decor

Hogwarts Themed Bedroom in Pink

In this post let me show you several ideas on how to make a nice Hogwarts themed bedroom. The students in Hogwarts always sleep in traditional bed frame. Thus, you can shop a four poster bed to bring the Hogwarts look in the house.  At the end of the bed, you can adorn the area with a unique and intricate patterned trunk. It can be used by your children to save their belongings and knick knacks. Choose the big trunk if your children have so many things to store. Now you should decide the window covering used in Hogwarts themed bedroom. Choose a nice curtain which can carry similar appearance with the soft furniture and bedding.

Hogwarts Themed Bedroom Design

Hogwarts Themed Bedroom

Choose the color which can represent on the groups in Hogwarts. If you love with Ravenclaw’s colors, you can adorn the house with blue and bronze shades. Gold and red are used by Gryffindor. If you want to enjoy shining look in Hogwarts themed bedroom, you can use silver and green color for Slytherin. Now paint the wall with the color that you have picked. If you love with Gryffindor style, you can adorn the wall in a golden brown accent. The red shade can be used as the supporting color. The red shade can applied on throw pillows, curtain or even area rug.

Hogwarts Themed Bedroom Ideas

If you want to reduce the overpowering look of red and gold, you can add a shade of white in Hogwarts themed bedroom. The people who want to deliver the nice backdrop can apply Hogwarts themed wallpaper. If you love with character in Harry Potter like Harry, Ron and Hermione, you can shop them on the market. Apply the wallpaper in one wall only since it can be used as the focal wall. The rest of the wall can be bordered with Harry Potter related items like owl, wands and broomstick. You can have all items in the selection of vinyl decal or even stencil. You can apply them easily as a help from your kids or even spouse to attach the decoration in the wall of your modern Hogwarts themed bedroom.

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