Home Decor Tips to Astonish Your Friends

Impress your friends with the easy home decor tips. When my friends want to come to my house, I always think about astonish them with the look of the house. Even though my house is made in small area, it can look beautiful and enticing with the right remodeling project. Don’t let your friends embarrass you with the appearance of your house. You can make it look nice and wonderful with a little effort. A house is considered as one of the comfortable spots that you need to decorate.

Home Decor for Bedroom

Home Decor for Dining room

Home Decor in Colonial Style

It should be cozy and comfy. The first thing to do is remodeling the living room with new pattern. You do not need to throw the old sofa since it can cost you a lot to purchase a new one in stores. You just have to replace the old throw pillow with a new one. You can pick the batik throw pillow for tropical vibe in the living room. Then you can choose the area rug available in floral pattern. The color paint should be decided too. If you want relaxing feel in the living room, the ocean blue color is perfect. Don’t forget to adorn the wall with framed wall hanging and art works.

Home Decor in Colorful Accent

Home Decor in Cottage Style Home Decor Tips to Astonish Your Friends

Home Decor in Cottage Style

Home Decor in Luxury

A nice room is not only accentuated with the right decoration. You need to make it smell nice and yummy. Pick the fragrance which can make you feel comfortable and relaxed. You can opt for lavender or even citrus fragrances. Both can bring the inviting and relaxing air in the living room. If you do not like with the spray fragrance, you can opt to burn the scented candles. If you love with tantalizing smell, you can pick the vanilla smell. The candles will look nice if you can place them in a bowl of flower made from glass or even ceramic. If you want simple decoration for nice smell, an air freshener is a great choice. You can also add some interior plants which can convey nice fragrance.

Home Decor with Yellow Cabinet

Home Decor with White Bedroom

Home Decor with Fireplace

Home Decor in White

Then you need to make the living room neat and tidy. Avoid any item that contributes to the clutter and mess in the living room. Your friends will be uncomfortable to spend more hours in the cluttered area. The scattered toys of your skin, the spill of your food and popcorn should be eliminated. You need to replace all of the items which do not belong in the living area. The last thing to do is personalizing your living room. There are many ways that you can do to make it look unique and different. You can set photos of family above the fireplace area. If your living room is made in small space, you can set some mirrors of the wall. They can reflect light and bring bigger impression in the living room. If you want to make it look fresh and great, you can set some potted plants on the nice home decor.

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